Monday, October 6, 2014

Cinnamon Challenge, Conference and a BIKE!

 Our girl has always had a favorite was one of her first words when she was a baby....OREO. And Halloween ones are her favorite!!!
 Sister Chizzy and the Elder on her right were in the MTC together and wore green in honor of them being "Greenie" missionaries in their district in Midland!
 I sent Sis Chizzy and her companion Conference Journals that we made in YW last week. They loved them! YAY conference!
 This is a famous NBA stars sister. She said they played ball with her this week, and she was "PRETTY DANG GOOD!"
Well, we didn't know our girl would be on a bike, but apparently, she will be. I am nervous....I have a thing for bikes......but she is very excited about it! Even in the rain....and she looks so cute!!!

Don't Let What you know to be true..become hazy.......
Hey everyone!! :D First off a little background on the title, President Uchdorf said that this weekend in conference and it was just so wonderful! If you didn't get the chance to watch conference you better go right on and watch it because holy cow it blew my mind! 
This week was so good! Being a missionary is so great, it's definitely the best decision I have ever made so far. 
Here's a little overview of my week! 
Monday: P-day those are always fun! In my ward there is a girl in my ward whose brother is a famous NBA LDS player, and is super good! We played basketball with her last P-day that was pretty awesome! :D Practically famous! haha We also had a really great lesson with one of our investigators, he wants to hold the priesthood for his family which is so wonderful. Hopefully he decides to be baptized. It's a big lifestyle change but we know he wants it. 
Tuesday: We did service and that was great! Serving others helps me at least come closer to my Heavenly Father! We also met with some of our recent converts, they are so great! Reach out to the recent converts in your ward they need your help! :) We also got to teach our progressing investigator ! She is so wonderful! She will probably be baptized this month which is super exciting! I am so happy she is making changes in her life to make that covenant! 
Wednesday: We did service again and met this lady named Jess she takes care of disabled ladies and she was probably the sweetest most patient person ever, I loved being around her because she just had such a wonderful spirit about her! 
Thursday: We had Zone Training!!! I love it when we get together with giant groups of missionaries, it's so incredible! It was so uplifting and it gave us a lot of advice on what we need to do to help our investigators!! We also got BIKES!! yay!!! I love biking! It is so much fun, it definitely is hard when it's raining and it's pretty odd in a skirt but it is super great! I just sing Come Come ye Saints the whole time and it's wonderful! :D haha 
Friday: We went finding and had dinner with one of our recent converts we actually did the Cinnamon challenge which was so SO funny! I don't recommend it to anyone but it made for a pretty eventful night! 
Saturday and Sunday.. Conference!!!! Definitely the highlight probably of the next three months!!!!! I loved listening to the prophet and his apostles, they are truly inspired and know exactly what we all need in this day and age. I loved how they spoke so much on having a firm foundation on Christ. I see this more and more everyday that we must have our foundations built on Christ and if they aren't, we will fall. Helaman5:12, definitely one of the best scriptures out there. the gospel is true and I am so grateful to be a missionary here in Midland! I hope you all have a wonderful week! 
Love Sister Chisholm! <3

As a side note,  I am able to email chat with Sister Chizzy for a little while. She is so full of enthusiasm and excitement. She literally reminds me a little of Tigger (her favorite Disney character) she is so bouncy, jumpy and full of life about being a missionary. I love it and couldn't be prouder of her as her mom. I miss her, and still can't go into her room without getting choked up and teary eyed, but I wouldn't want her anywhere else. She is truly loving her experiences as a missionary and we are so happy for her! Missions are the best!

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