Monday, March 30, 2015

There is Sunshine in my soul! Preparing for Easter!

Sister Chizzy has had a great few weeks, I feel bad I'm behind in posting (crazy little thing called life!) but she is happy and doing well! Here are some of her latest adventures!

March 30

Hey everyone!! :D
 I hope you all are preparing yourself for an amazing weekend that is to come! I know that we have a countdown to conference and to Easter, what a great time of year it is! :) I have been thinking a lot this week about personal revelation and today I read in the Bible Dictionary what it says about revelation, It says "divine revelation is one of the grandest concepts and principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. For without it man could not be saved with any degree of salvation in the eternities."
I mean think about that for a minute, we have a loving God that helps us know his will by helping us feel of the spirit and testifying of truth through the Holy Ghost. I love that. It's amazing how much God loves us and at this amazing Easter season we are able to think about how God sent his son Jesus Christ for us to return to live with him. He overcame death so that we can all live with our Father in Heaven again, that brings me so much peace and joy.

Things are great out here in East Lansing! We almost hit a crazy fan from the MSU game this week, that was an adventure. My bets are still all in for them to win march madness! :D

Here's a story from this week, we were able to teach our investigator Karenn that is on date for April 25! She is incredible and is going to be such a great member and missionary! I mean she already invited all her friends and family to her baptism, gold star right there for sure! She is happy and is progressing a ton, I love seeing the gospel be applied into her everyday life and to see how it truly is blessing her life.

We went to this amazing Easter concert last night at our stake center, it was SO good! I have never heard such powerful singers in a church function like that. They all had amazing voices, it almost reminded me of phantom of the opera church style. Music is such a great way to feel the spirit. I love it, here are some lyrics of my favorite easter song.
Christ the Lord is Risen today Alleluia!! :D
This Easter season reflect on all the blessings our Heavenly Father has given you, he truly loves us all and wants us to be happy! I love you guys and I am so thankful for the support you give me to. This gospel is true, our Savior Jesus Christ lives and he wants us to come unto him! :) Enjoy conference! I know I will!! :D

Love Sister Chisholm! <3

March 23
Hey everyone!!!
Things are great out here in East Lansing! It's hoping with fans of MSU, I hope that you all are rooting for them because they are doing good from the sounds of things! :) Sports may be good out here but same with the missionary work!! We are seeing miracles every single day! This week had some great moments, and they continue to come! Here's a couple things that have blessed and changed my life this week!

We were walking to go and give some service to a less active in our ward and this cute elderly lady was walking to the same place so we decided to talk with her as we all walked to this building. This cute little old lady started telling us her life story and about her family and about how they all had passed on but that she knew they would all be there for her in the heaven. We asked her how old she was and she told us that she was 72 and that it was her birthday! :D Of course we sang her happy birthday and she just was so thankful that we were there to talk with her on this great day of hers! :) I thought a lot that day and this week about how small and simple things truly do help great things come to pass, in all aspects of life. :)

We had a really amazing miracle happen with a new investigator Chris! We taught her the restoration and she loved it! I hope that things progress there, she told us she was planning on coming to church so hopefully it all works out!

Our investigators are progressing well! Karenn is amazing, she seriously is going to be the best member in the world.. Well in my eyes! Jeffery is doing well! He is reading and praying just to find an answer if God is there, and we taught a lesson this week in starbucks, it's amazing to me that even in crazy places the spirit can still reside. We just must be worth to have it! That's a thought I had this week is about how truly the goal in this life when it comes down to it is if we have the spirit. If we have the spirit we make right decision, if we make right decisions we are trusted by the Lord and we will inherit eternal life. It's not a hard formula, we just have to strive everyday to be better and use the Atonement of Jesus Christ in our lives. This gospel is a life long process, but it is the greatest race we can ever run!

I love my Savior Jesus Christ and I know this is His church on the earth today! :D Have a great week everyone!! I hope you all are having sunshine in your souls wherever you may be! :D

Love Sister Chisholm

Hey everyone! Don't worry I am not breaking any rules by emailing on Tuesday but it happens to be that we had interviews with my amazing mission president yesterday so our pday happens to fall on the greenest day of the year!! :D And since I live so close to MSU campus, which happens their colors are White and Green, it literally has been a green day! :) I hope you all are having a very lucky day and that the odds are ever in your favor! I know they are in mine!

We had an incredible week! I mean I say that every week I feel like but seriously I don't think that missionaries have bad weeks, we may have some hard moments but never bad weeks! :) The greatest miracle is that Karenn is on date to be baptized!!! AHH! yay!! :) Today we talked with her again and she is planning on being baptized on April 25!! yay! I am so excited for her, she seriously is an inspiration to me! I love being able to teach her, today we taught her this amazing lesson and afterwards Sister Chugg was like, ya know I just love how strong the spirit is when we are with her, I know that feeling is because she truly is prepared and she is doing everything she can to join Christ's church and take his name upon her. It's incredible! :)

We were able to walk 4 miles on Saturday, that was awesome and it was a beautiful day a little overcast and about 50 degrees we went and  met with one of our investigators and wound up serving her for about an hour and then having a lesson! It was such a great moment, service truly is so important! I have found that when we serve we stop thinking about our own selfish desires and we start thinking about others and as soon as we do we have forgotten what we even wanted or needed! I love the scripture in Mosiah 2:17, truly when we serve others we serve God.

We were able to watch the youth theme video this week Embark and can I just say if you haven't been able to see it yet go online to like or something and watch it! Seriously we have so much technology in this day and age gotta start flooding it with goodness! :D I loved it, it may have made me cry, I mean being a missionary sometimes I cry at silly things.. :) anyways We can all spread a little goodness even if it is just posting an inspiration thing online!
All in all things are great! I love serving in East Lansing area, it's wonderful! The people are incredible and my investigators have my heart completely. the gospel is true, the book is blue and it's a beautiful day! Have a fantastic week!

Love Sister Chisholm! <3

This is my shine on oreo... :) Thanks to my great family for sending me SPRING yellow oreos!! :D

Monday, March 9, 2015

I love you MORE.....above freezing....Be bold, Be brave, Be FEARLESS!!!

So I totally just had an amazing letter all written out and it just disappeared! So bear with me cuz this one probably will not be as great as planned! :D 
this week was amazing though, we are teaching some incredible people and we are seeing success happen here in Lansing!
We had an amazing lesson with our investigator Karenn this week and she is planning on being baptized soon! She is waiting for her friend that introduced her to the church to be able to come here for it! :)
Well since I pretty much ran out of time and my email that I had ready is gone I just wanted to share with you guys something I learned this week at stake conference! :D Our Stake President talked about how we can obtain the Living Water of Christ and truly it comes by praying, morning and night, reading the scriptures, going to church and partaking of the sacrament and then by keeping the sabbath day holy! I want to add make sure to keep the commandments as well, by doing these things we will be able to have the spirit with us more fully, we will be able to have guidance in our every day lives and we will be watched over and protected from on high!
This gospel is true, I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior as he is all of yours. He truly loves us and wants us to succeed. Our Heavenly Father loves us no matter what, he wants us to be happy and by doing the things he asks we will be happy!
Have a wonderful week!! 
"Be bold, Be brave, Be fearless! " 
Love Sister Chisholm <3 

 We have an ongoing conversation about how much we love each the moon and back, more than twinkies, brownies, Frozen, homemade pasta etc. She found this sign and sent it to me today. DAY MADE!!!!!
Just so you all know it got above freezing this week.. Blessing from on high!!!!!!!! 
 This cute Sister needed help with decorations to the Prom. She asked my girl to help her! These flowers are AMAZING!!!

My poor girl has a really bad cold this week....and yet, she's still smiling!!!!! Proud of her!

Every week I ask her questions...usually she does a great job at answering them! Here are some answers from this week!

Things are great out here!! :D Oh my goodness, we had a great week! Like it was SOO great, so with the car question get ready for it.. It's a blue 2014 Chevrolet cruise!!! :D It's like my baby, its even followed me from Midland to here! hahaha It's the cutest thing ever, I love it!!! We got our miles dropped this week though, which will be hard but we will be able to make it! I love driving, it is totally my stress relief! :D
Favorite meal this week, hmm.. Last night we had white chilie which was pretty good, OH! We had this super good dinner on Saturday with a family, they fed us this way good meat stuff, it tasted like the stuff dad smokes! It was delicous, I wasn't feeling way great but it was still really good! We also had corn bread and asparagus and some fruit, that was my favorite part! It was yummy! The members were so sweet to have us over, the elders came too, oh man elders are so funny! They always have something funny to talk about, we talked about mormon jokes for a while like.. Why does everyone look up to Moroni? Because he is always on the ball... :) haha funny stuff! Good times! :D 

Oh my goodness I am glad you asked about what I am studying! Actually I am totally in the war chapters of Alma!! dun dun dun.. hahaha :) I just read about Amalikiah and his evil scheme to get Lehonti down from the mountain. Last night I totally related it all to Sis Chugg about how that is us in our daily lives, satan tries to lower us little by little until finally we are down to the bottom of our mountain and then he feeds us poison by degrees like Amalikiah did to Lehonti. Sometimes I get really excited about these stories,  luckily Sis Chugg likes it! :) haha It's amazing to me how many battles the Nephites or the people of Moroni fight with the Lamenites, I also am just learning so much about battle strategies, I hope I never am put into war because I would just do all the things from the Book of Mormon!! hahaha :) 

hmm.. What is different about Michigan and Utah?! I would say the cold is one, it's like a bitter wind cold here so thats one! I also would say that all the streets are actually names!! Oh my goodness that is the hardest one for me, in Utah everything is like 400 500 600 street or whatever out here it's like Milford street and then Abott street and like all this weird stuff! I get so confused! haha :) I also love the people out here.  Everyone has a story and they all have a conversion story, I really like that a lot! :D 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Howdy everyone all the way from East Lansing! :) I hope you all have had a fantastic week! I know I have! This week has been so great! I was transferred to this incredible area in East Lansing, Lansing area! It is on FIRE! Like seriously we are teaching so many people and because of Michigan State University so close by we are able to teach so many diverse people. We have a Chinese investigator, Vietnamese investigator, a autistic genius investigator and even a Korean investigator! It is amazing how the gospel can truly bless the lives of all people everywhere!
My new companion is Sister Chugg she is from Ogden Utah and is the sweetest sister in the world I am convinced that nothing can make her mad, she is very soft spoken but super funny and crazy when she is around people she knows, she has the purest testimony and a love for the gospel. I am so blessed to be able to serve alongside her! We are going to see miracles here in Lansing! :D
Our ward is full of great people! It ranges from the elderly people to the newly married people that attending MSU we are able to help a lot of less actives. There are a lot here so our days are filled with talking to people, teaching lots of lessons and finding less actives that are willing to let us in! We are working hard and seeing success! This area is so full of potential, rumor on the street is that we may get a temple in Lansing, that would be so GREAT! :D There are a lot of members and a ton of great people here!
We are teaching some wonderful people specifically, Karenn, our Korean investigator, she is incredible! Jeffery, he is a genius like literally! Marjorie which she is just the sweetest lady ever, and then we have quite a few other investigators that are going to soon be progressing! I really like it here! I am learning a ton about the area and all these new faces, being transferred truly helps you know what to work on and what things you are good at! The gospel is true, Heavenly Father truly does answer prayers and wants us all to be happy! 
Love Sister Chisholm <3
Also we totally saw these shoes hanging from the electric line.. haha funny right?! 

Sister Chugg and Chisholm


I had to include this......Our girl is so excited and happy! Her enthusiasm is so contagious and we love it!!!!

Hey mom!! Oh my hannah, Lansing is AWESOME!! Like seriously, I can't even believe I am serving in a city! We are serving mostly in East Lansing but also in Lansing area, I mean talk about city! It's awesome!! I am so SO excited to serve here, it's like night and day from Midland in seriously almost every single way! 
So pretty much yes, I love Lansing my companion is Sister Chugg, she is the sweetest, kindest sister in the world, like I mean it. I don't think she can even be mad, she came out with Sister Lau so she is still pretty new, the fun part of this week has been that she really doesn't know this area like at all... At first, I felt pretty stressed but now I feel great about it. I know that this transfer is going to increase my missionary work a ton, I have to be the senior companion in an area I don't even know. I think she will come to understand this area better as well, she really leaned on her trainer a lot but I think that we will figure things out together and all will be well! I love her to death though, she seriously is amazing, very soft spoken but she has the purest testimony ever. :)
Our apartment is awesome!! We even have a gym like just a hop skip and jump away, we totally ran like twice this week too! I was so happy to be able to run on the treadmill, it made me so happy! :D Our apartment is really cute, it makes weird noises sometimes because of the cold, ya know the like 14 degrees cold! Oh my goodness we found out this week that this February is the coldest Michigan has had in the past 140 years.. It wasn't above freezing once this month!! #coldtothebone but hey it's march now and this morning it was like 31 degrees already!! Spring is a coming!!! :D And it's been super sunny lately, oh man I love the sun! We have a full time car which is super nice, we still get to walk on saturdays but that's not bad at all! It gives us some fresh air! :) All in all, I really like where we live the area is SO different than Midland, like it seriously is so different. People here are so diverse which is really cool and they are actually willing to talk to us! It's amazing!! :)
Our ward is pretty good, yesterday was interesting I won't lie. More than 75% of this ward is less active, which means we are going to be working with that a ton, and it's just so diverse. Because of the college really close to here we get a lot of members that are going to school but are married, or they are super super old single people! It's so interesting, this ward needs some kingdom builders that is for sure. I am excited to find them, I think that is what is going to help it the most! The strong members are great though, we have already had quite a few dinners which is great, and they are all really sweet. It just needs even more building, which Sister Chugg and I are here to do! :)
Our district is pretty awesome!! I don't know everyone in it yet but I do know that Elder File from the MTC is in my district! Me and him are super good friends, so I am way excited to be in his district! Our district leader seems really awesome! I really like him, he is obedient so I am happy about that! :) We are the only sisters in our district and then there are two sets of elders so that will be fun! Although we live right next to some sisters that serve at MSU, so we get to work out with them in the mornings sometimes! They are so sweet! We are seriously at the heart of the mission, the work here is SO GOOD!!! Oh my goodness seriously like so good, our ward had 5 baptisms last week and we have 3 solid progressing investigators and then like 3 other investigators that are almost progressing! It's so cool mom! We are surrounded by other missionaries and there is just so so much potential here! It's awesome!!!!! :D