Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Faith leads us to ACT!

Apparently I have scarred my children into believing that pictures are life's most important thing....which they aren't....however, they ARE important and I'm really thankful my cute girl prays over even small things like her SD card!.....

Hey everyone!! :D This week was fantastic!! Life is just so great isn't it?!?! :) 
So I have a story to tell you all, it truly taught me so much about faith and acting upon it, also about how we can't do anything without the Lord! 
So last week I lost my camera SD card. Yes devastating I know. I bought a new SD card and was going to send my old one home to my family for safe keeping but then last Sunday when I went to get my camera out the SD card was gone. I searched all over my bag and everywhere around to find it and it was gone. Literally like poof, I had tears in my eyes as I ran into my bedroom and prayed to find it. I don't think I have every prayed so hard in my life, one because I was devastated, 2 because I knew my mom the picture lady would be absolutely devastated!! So I came back into the living room and told Sister Morrison and we made a game plan to go to all the places that I had pulled out my camera and go and look for it! 
So after church we went to the street where we took pictures and looked for it, no success, we called the less actives house where I had taken a picture and they said they would look for it outside, we searched our apartment high and low and still no success.. :( All throughout church I couldn't even function because I was so sad. I mean I still did everything but I was praying so so SO hard. So life went on! ( I love how I am telling this story, it wasn't this dramatic but for effect I am making it this way!) :) haha 
Monday comes around and I have this feeling I shouldn't tell my family because we all know my mom would have a heart attack, so I keep it a secret for on Pday and decide to search even more this upcoming week!! :D So I do, Tuesday we went again and looked around the street where we took a picture and still no success, and mind you I was honestly praying harder then I ever have in my LIFE!!!!!!!  So I got in the car and we prayed again and then I just felt peace and so I gave myself a little pep talk about how even if was lost how blessed I was that I had sent so many pictures home and that I had companions that took pictures and that I could get them from them and all these things. I just kept feeling like everything was going to be okay, and I knew it would all be okay! :D 
So Wednesday rolls around and by this time I have just come to grips that my camera card was lost and that everything was okay! :) I had done my part and I knew that everything was going to be alright! It was amazing the peace I had. 
So while we are having lunch as a district, the phone rings and it's our less active family the Galumbos, they call and say. So my husband was just outside watering the flowers and he found you SD card, and I am looking at it right now!!!! I screamed a ltitle bit and was SO SO SO SO excited!! She said come and get it, so after lunch we drove home from Grand Rapids, where we were having interviews and low and behold she had my SD card! Get this though, her husband had looked right when we called the first time and he didn't see it, then he had watered the flowers multiple times, it had rained and all these things and my SD card survived!!! How amazing is that?!?!! What a tender mercy, I learned so much about prayer this week, so much about faith and so SO much about trusting in the Lords timing. He loves us, He even loves us when we do dumb things and lose things that we shouldn't lose! :) This story ends happily and although those 4 days without my card with difficult and hard, I knew that Heavenly Father had a plan and He did. He just needed to teach me a couple lessons first. I have bought a flash drive and every single picture from now on will be on it, but everyone I know he Loves you.

 Our cute daughter may be a brunette....but she was born with very blonde, curly hair......case in point......
Things are going really well out here! I told mom but I had some super funny blonde moments this week I will have to tell you about them.. So we were having dinner at the church with the elders before correlation this week and sister morrison had this coconut ice cream, cuz it's the only kind she can have and I was like so whats in it and one of the elders is like, well cocounut and then sis morrison is all, oh and cricket legs, and then not thinking I say really!?! and they all just lost it! It was super funny, so blonde moment #1.. then we were watching elder perrys funeral at interviews this week and elder Ballard was speaking and I had just gotten in from my interview so I wasn't really sure what was going on and I go, is that Elder Perrys son?! and everyone just looks at me and there like, that's Elder Ballard, then we all just burst up laughing again.. Man sometimes I honestly am such a blonde. It was funny though, sometimes I think the Lord lets me be a blonde so that other people can laugh with me.. hahaha :) so funny! :D
Yesterday was an amazing day, we had ward council, which was an adventure, I honestly think if everyone just went on missions then home and visiting teaching would be 100% haha, that was pretty much the essence of our meeting! :) Then we had church which was great, they had me bear my testimony and so I talked about prayer and about how prayers truly are answered. It was fun, I really liked it actually. All I did was pray Saturday night what to teach about and I felt prayer was what needed to be said, so I shared Alma 37:36-37 and talked about how I do know that prayers are answered it was really neat! Then we taught a BUNCH of lessons! IT was so great! :) We saw so many miracles too, Ian and Clarissa both came to church which was awesome and then we saw Elizabeth and she is still on date on July. We read the talk The Gift of Grace from this past conference, one of my favorites! It's by President Uchdorft. I love it!! :D It was such a great day, things are so good! I just love being a missionary, I can't imagine life without being one! It's the best!! :D 
A few cute updates from mom's letter this week....

So a little update on my week!! It was a good week! We taught some lessons, found some new people! We found a new investigator that is from Berma!! His name is Alex and he is super super cool! :) It was cool because that day we had a lesson with Vanessa our investigator and she shined us, so we went out doorknocking and Sis Morrison and I felt really good about this street but then while we were doorknocking people were SO rude. They did not want to listen.. Like literally were not interested at all! haha so we were about to leave to head over to our apartment to get picked up for dinner and we decided to knock on one more door and thats when we found Alex!! We taught him the restoration and then we set a return appointment! It was AMAZING! I have such a testimony of knocking on "one last door!" One more door, one door more! haha :)
We also had trade offs this week!! I went up to Ludington and totally got to see lake Michigan!!! AHHH!! it's seriously like an ocean, my mind literally was BLOWN!! I loved it! It was like 54 degrees though and raining for the day and half I was up there.. :( but we got some sweet pictures! I am excited to send them to you, I loved trade offs! It was quite the interesting experience, the sister I was with was great but we just had some crazy experiences! We picked up 3 potentials for them and we got a referral and then went and contacted him and totally had a lesson with him!! So while I was up there we saw some AWESOME miracles! It was funny the zone leaders called me while I was up there and Elder Haddock is all, " Sister Chisholm miracles just follow you around." It made me feel really good, I just do my best and then the Lord makes up the rest. I am grateful to be an instrument in His hands. There is no NO way we could do this work if we didn't have the spirit I am so grateful for the spirit! :) That is why we are obedient too!!
 I know this gospel is true. I know that our Father in Heaven has a perfect plan for us. I know it with all my soul! :) Have a wonderful week!!
love Sister Chisholm!! <3 
Lake Michigan!!! :D :D SO beautiful!!! :) 

 Beautiful Lake Michigan!

 Toes in the sand!
 Exchanges and a very fun Ice Cream shop!
Zone leaders and STL's....apparently awkward is the new the normal!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Be of Good Cheer!

Hey everyone!! This week was great!! :) First off I want to share a quote with you that I love, " We should honor the Saviors declaration to " Be of Good Cheer, it seems we may be more guilty of breaking that commandment than almost any other." Elder Holland!! I LOVE this, I know that although we may have hard days, we may even have hard years that truly we can always see the light in the hard times. We can always learn from experiences and we can always look for the Lords tender mercies. He wants to bless us and He truly does want us to be happy! :D
This week I have seen so many happy moments come to past! We found this AMAZING family on Trade offs this week! Sister Daker came over here to Wyoming with me and we worked hard and prayed a lot and found an amazing family that is so SO prepared for the gospel! It was amazing how prayer had such a huge hand in helping us know what to say and how to help this family. I am so grateful for the chance we have to teach them that families can be together forever, what a great feeling and peace in such a crazy world! :) It was such a great day, I loved being on trade offs, I learned so much from Sister Daker and I pray that she learned something from me as well! :)

This week was MLC or Mission Leadership Committe and it was AWESOME!! I love my mission, it truly is the best in the whole world!! :) haha sorry everyone else.. But really I love how much is put on being unified and growing with one another and helping each other! Oh mission mottos are We are Family and We can Do hard things. I can testify of both of those, we must come together as families, as friends and as a world because truly we are all FAMILY!! I also love the part about doing hard things, sometimes it's hard for us to see the light in all things but I know that with the Lords help we can accomplish his purposes and we can do Hard things!! So I will start putting those at the end of my emails each week to remind you all. Its really helped me! :) We got to go to Lansing for this meeting and it was like blast from the past! haha I loved it!! :)
I am so happy, I love being a missionary! I know without a doubt that the message of the Restoration is true, it has changed my life and I know that it can change anyones life that is searching for it! The gospel is true, the Book of Mormon is the word of God and Heavenly Father loves us more then we can comprehend!! Have a wonderful week!! 
We are FAMILY!! We can DO hard things!!! :D
Love Sister Chisholm! <3
We saw this funny quote on this church! :) These things are SO funny!! 

 Trade off's!
 lemonade on a hot Michigan day hits the spot!

An incredible sweet "missionary mom" has been posting pictures of my cute girl. I love randomly seeing adorable pictures like this one popping up on my screen! Thank you for wonderful surrogate mommy's!

This is one of Sister Chizzy's Facebook posts this week. It really hit me today and I'm so grateful for a missionary daughter who is also a wonderful example to me.

"Therefore they hushed their fears." Mosiah 23:17 heart emoticon
In a world that is full of fears and sadness, I know that our Father in Heaven loves us. He has provided a perfect plan for us. He sent His Son Jesus Christ to Atone for our sins. He provided another testament of His love, The Book of Mormon. He restored the fullness of the gospel and the priesthood to the earth through His prophet Joseph Smith. Christ's church continues today with a prophet called of God in these last days to lead and guide us. All of these sources help us to truly "hush our fears" I know that as we turn to these sources of light we have no need to fear, His love truly is infinite and eternal.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Whoa...Livin' on a Prayer!

WOAH!! Living on a prayer!!! :D haha but for reals though, Bon Jovi didn't have any idea what that phrase would mean to a missionary all the way in Michigan! This week has been such a mixed emotion week, in all aspects! If no one has ever told you.. missions are spiritually, physically, emotionally, and well every other kind of thing exhausting! I feel like my emotions change like every 5 minutes and some how I am able to overcome them! :) Truly as sister morrison always says, we could never do this work if it wasn't the Lords work! It's so true, the grace of our Savior is real! 

So from my subject of this email I want to tell you all about some amazing prayers that were answered this week and how truly Heavenly Father answers all of our prayers. Even the smallest ones! :D Friday this week was one of those insane emotional days, we have lessons fall through, weekly planning didn't get finished, we had a lesson that just went crazy and all around the day was just CRAZY! So anyways we were sitting in our car, about to go to another appointment and our GPS wasn't working, which was just not cool. So I was like lets just say a prayer and then hopefully it will load while we wait! So I start saying my prayer and right when I asked for our GPS to work it said, Proceed to highlighted route, right in the middle of my prayer! I couldn't even believe it!! As small as that seems right then Heavenly Father was aware of 2 missionaries serving in Wyoming Michigan.. and he made it so their GPS worked. We thanked him and went along out way! This wasn't the first time he had answered our prayers though, earlier that day while going through weekly planning, I was like alright so referrals and right then we received a media referral!! that was another crazy thing!! Even though the referral didn't really go anywhere, right then I felt the love of my Heavenly Father and how he truly is mindful of each of us. I know he is and I know he answers prayers. He wants to answer them! 

Last night we were trying to decide exactly what to do because we really wanted to see our investigator but she wasn't exactly on board with it, but we kept feeling like we should go see her so we get to her house and we say a prayer and right after I go, I feel like we should sing her a song and Sister Morrison goes, no way I was thinking the exact same thing!! #compunity actually more like the spirit! So we go in to teach elizabeth and we sing her a childs prayer and talk about prayer and that lesson touched all of our hearts. It was incredible! :D 

I know that Heavenly Father answers prayers, I know that Church, prayer and reading help us more then anything although they are the primary answers they have changed my life, and continue to change my life every day! The gospel is TRUE!!! :D 

Love Sister Chisholm! <3