Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Sister Chizzy has hit her half way mark! She is doing so well and so excited in her new area! She is now a Facebook missionary as well, look for her on social media sharing the gospel as Sister Jenica Chisholm.  We love seeing her happy smile and hearing all her fun stories! We are so proud of her! Way to go Sister Boo Bear!

Hey everyone!! This week has been well amazing, it's been so full of adjusting to new people, a new area, a new companion, being on facebook and being a sister training leader and it has been AMAZING!! :) Honestly there is no way we could do this work if it wasn't the Lords work. We work so hard every single day and honestly every step of the way we are stretched and pulled in all directions and everyday we keep going. I LOVE it!! :) Man God is good, he truly loves us so much! :) 

So I am sure you all saw me on facebook this week and it's a real thing! I will be on there quite a bit, I won't be able to like all your things because I actually had to unfollow everyone from back home but you all are still my friends and I still love you all tons! :) haha be sure to like the things I post, I know that technology is such a great way to share the gospel. My testimony has grown so much by sharing what I know to be true and I know that can happen for all of you as well! 

So are working hard like I said here in Wyoming, we found 3 new investigators this week and I feel really strongly that they will progress and come into Christ's fold. We also are teaching a bunch of less actives and recent converts and some amazing people! We had dinner with a family and one of our investigators Elizabeth came with us, that was incredible. The spirit was so strong to have an investigator at a dinner with a family. It's amazing how the spirit is able to be so strong in homes of members. It was amazing! :) 

This is a super short email, but I just want you all to know that I know this gospel is true, I know that Love is the essence of the gospel and that as we love and serve others we come closer to Christ. I also know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, I read the talk "stay by the tree" this morning and I know that as we pray and read everyday, everyday, everyday the spirit can be with us and we will be able to overcome hardships and disappointment! :D 

Well I love you all, have a wonderful week keep loving and serving and don't forget to smile!! :D 

Love Sister Chisholm! <3

This is sister morrison and I! :) 

Sister Jen is Half way finished her mission!! Yay for packages!!!!!

 The cute sister in the middle came back to visit Michigan! She trained both these two cute girls! What a fun reunion for them!

The Elders played a trick on the sisters and told them they had to wear neon green vests to park their cars from now on. They even got them vests to keep the joke going....of course they went along with it and were good sports.

Monday, May 18, 2015

TRANSFER'S....what the WHAT?

Sister Chizzy has been transferred to a place called Grandville Michigan. She has a new assignment of Sister Training Leader which is similar to a Zone leader for an Elder. She is excited about her new area, new companion, and new leadership responsibility. A very cool thing happened to me (her mom) this week as she got her transfer call on Friday and I wrote to her about it, this is what I said.

"So on Friday morning I was sitting at the kitchen counter getting my gospel doctrine lesson ready and I was alone. I was thinking about you because I knew it was your transfer call day and I was hoping whatever happened was going to be good for you! Then I heard an alarm going off in the house somewhere. It was an iPhone alarm so I started looking all over for it. Couldn't find it. I knew everyone had their phones so I thought it was pretty strange, and couldnt figure it out. When I came into my room, I realized it was coming from my drawer. I opened it up and to my giant surprise, it was YOUR phone. Your phone that is disconnected, hasn't been touched or moved or charged or played with since you left....and across the screen in big letters it said "ITS A NEW DAY" with a big yellow emoji smiley face under it.
I just stood there holding it and staring at it and wondering "what in the world" was pretty crazy and a little freaky and kind of pretty awesome too!!!!
I knew that somehow sonething was changing for you and I literally said a prayer right then to ask Heavenly Father to be with you and to help you with whatever was going on. 
So, later on that day after that all happened I was at Tyler's track meet and got an email from Pres Jacobsen telling us you'd been called as a sister training leader and I thought.....WHOA. It was kind of crazy and so "goose bumpy-ish!!!!!!!" COOL HUH??"

She responded with a big "WHAT THE WHAT??????' and couldn't believe how cool of a story it was. To make it even crazier, her call came at 8:50 am from her president and the phone went off at 9:00 am too. Pretty crazy.
"Hey mom!! Okay first off that is INSANE about my phone, what in the world?!?! I don't even remember ever putting them on my phone, how funny! That truly was a tender mercy from the Lord that is for sure! How crazy, the Lord prepares even parents to know what about what's going on with us missionaries! It really is a new day, a new transfer, a new time and just all around a new adventure in my mission!! :D I am SO excited for it!!! Oh my gosh mom it is going to be GREAT!!! :D I am super excited, actually it has seriously been a crazy crazy CRAZY week, oh my goodness!" 
She is obviously super excited!
 Goodbye Sister Chugg!
Hello Sister Morrison!

Hey everyone!! Oh my goodness it has been the CRAZIEST week! Okay well every week is pretty crazy but seriously this week has been insane!!!!! :D First off I left LANSING!!! WHAT?!?! I am now serving in the Wyoming ward in the Grand Rapids area of Michigan, and I have been here for about well an hour and I already LOVE it!!! :) There are even hills over here, I mean you can't get closer to mountains than having a couple hills! haha It's been quite the week! So here are a couple other crazy updates from this week!

We pretty much said goodbye to the whole world the past couple day, it was quite the adventure going from place to place saying goodbye giving hugs and just all around sending my love to East Lansing! I love so many people there its insane, I am going to miss the hustle and bustle of the MSU campus and my great ward over there. It was such a blessing to serve there even it was just for 3 months! We had some great lessons with our investigators this week and Jeffery even came to church, it was such a great way to end my time in East Lansing! :)

So this week right now honestly feels like a complete blur.. I am not going to lie, I can't remember a ton of it and my old planner and my journal are all packed away into my giant bags, but I do have this awesome scripture that I wanted to share with you all, it's 2 Nephi 1:15. This is honestly one of my favorite scriptures for quite a few reasons one is because it reminds me of the hymn Savior, Redeemer of my Soul, which is a great song, another reason is because it talks about how we are always in the hands of our Heavenly Father, he truly does know our hearts, he cries when we are sad, He rejoices when we are happy and he wants to help us grow and progress in this life. I have felt his love so much this week, I am grateful for the spirit that is able to reside with us all the time. What a blessing from our Father in Heaven.

Another crazy thing happened this week President Jacobsen called for transfers he said a little bit more then just oh you are leaving, and here is your companion he actually called me to be a Sister Training Leader!!! Wahoo!! :) I am super excited, it was a little unexpected but I felt pretty strongly this past week that this transfer was going to be a little bit different. The spirit testifies of truth I can testify of that! :) So I will be able to go on trade offs with the sisters in our zone and it's going to be great!! I also get the chance to go to meeting with all the missionaries in our mission! It will be another learning experience and a chance to show forth even more love then I ever have had the chance to do. What a blessing to be able to serve my fellow missionaries! :)  This is the Lords work and I am blessed enough to be a part of it.

Well everyone my mind is pretty much a blur and I am super hungry so we are heading to lunch.. but I want you all to know that I know this gospel is true. It has been restored to the earth through a prophet of God, a prophet is called today to lead and guide Christ's church. I know that families are eternal and that we truly can find happiness and joy by following the commandments God has set forth. The gospel is true, the Book is Blue and life is good!!! :D Have a wonderful week!!!

Love Sister Chisholm!! :D

Oh right and as missionaries sometimes we play ultimate Frisbee in the RAIN!!! Such a PARTY!!! :D I am going to miss the incredible Lansing Zone!! :)

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day and Faith is Spiritual Evidence

I got a SWEET package in the mail this week from Sister Chizzy, she is so thoughtful and sweet to remember me when she is so busy and so involved with her mission! It meant a lot!
It was so wonderful to talk to our sweet missionary on Mother's Day.  We got to FaceTime, which was a first for us, we didn't ever get to with our first missionary We weren't able to with her either at Christmas, so this was a real treat!
She is doing so well, so happy, so full of sunshine and so excited about missionary work. We loved laughing with her, listening to her stories, having her recite her mission statement, watching the kids interact with their sister and just hearing her cute voice. For a mom, there's nothing better than having all of your kids together, laughing instead of fighting, telling jokes, smiling and loving each's my kind of heaven and for one sweet hour I got that this week. It was the best!

Hey everyone!!! First off Happy Late Mothers Day to all those mothers out there, well and future mothers and all that stuff! :D I LOVED talking to my AMAZING family yesterday!! It was the greatest being able to see their cute faces, laughing with them and feeling a bit like I was in good ole Utah again! How blessed we are to have the technology to do things like that, I hope that all you missionaries had a great time talking to your moms as well!! :) The Chizzy family truly is the BEST!!! :D

Things are going great out here in East Lansing!! :) We are working hard to find more people to teach and we have been seeing success as we apply some of the great things we learned at Zone Conference this week! Oh my goodness it was amazing, I love modern day revelation, our mission president truly does know how to lead this mission under the direction of Jesus Christ. Here are some great things I learned this week..

1. Check out these awesome words that stand for things...
JOY- Jesus, Others, Yourself
SMILE- Spiritually Minded Is Life Eternal
SMILE- Surround Myself in Light Everyday
HOPE- Hold On Pain Ends
PACE- Positive Attitude Changes Everything
Aren't those great?! I just love them all especially Joy, and Pace, it's amazing because when we remember Jesus Christ we desire to serve others and then we lose ourselves in becoming who Christ needs us to be! I love remembering these whenever we are having a hard day or when people don' really want to listen or even when things are going great! :D

2. Another huge thing I loved this week is the title of my email, Faith is spiritual evidence, so often we want evidence we can hold in our hands, things that we can touch however we are dual beings, we have a spirit and a body and when we have spiritual evidence it's much stronger then physical evidence, and we do have physical evidence as well we have the Book of Mormon and modern day revelation to help us to gain that stronger spiritual evidence. I am so thankful for all the resources our Heavenly Father gives us. What a blessing!! :D

3. I just want to talk about my incredible family for a few minutes here! Yesterday I was asked to speak in sacrament meeting, I mean who does that to a missionary on mothers day..? :) but it was actually really great, I am so blessed to have such incredible examples and disciples of Christ in my life that I have looked to since I was born and most likely before as well. My parents truly are the examples of obedience, charity and sacrifice. I am grateful to hold the name Chisholm and to have all my family past or future on my side as missionary. I know that angels are among us, they are sent to us to help us and they stand before our faces and watch over us.

It's a beautiful day, the gospel is true, it's been restored, and I LOVE it! :D Have a wonderful week!!

Love Sister Chisholm! <3

We took a pic at MSU campus this week.. Apparently this bell is pretty cool according to our investigator Jeffery! :)

A funny story she told us this week, her investigator is from Vietnam and he kept telling her her hair looked like "oodles". She usually straightens it but this day she'd left it curly. She wasn't quite sure what he was saying and finally he came out with a package of ramen noodles and said " OODLES!!!" we laughed pretty hard about her Oodle hair!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Holland Michigan, cool shoes and TULIP'S!

Cute Sister Chizzy had another great week! This week along with her letter to everyone, I added a little bit from her personal email to me. I LOVE getting these updates from her and so happy to see her growth every week!

Hey everyone!! :D I hope you all are having a wonderful week and that you are seeing the tender mercies of the Lord in all aspects of your lives wherever you may be! :D I sure am here in Michigan and one of them is the beautiful Spring that is here! Seriously I thought Utah had pretty springs.. Yeah I was definitely wrong, I have never seen such bright colors that contrast one another and the flowers.. It honestly feels like I am always in a greenhouse! Not to make you all jealous or anything but out here all the Michiganders really LOVE to talk about the weather so I thought I would update you all on it! :) haha

In other news we are doing great!! I am still serving in good ole East Lansing Michigan and I love it!! We see miracles every single day all we have to do is look for them! Here's a couple that I have seen this week! Our two recent converts Debbie and Akwasi were able to make it to the temple this week! It was such a wonderful experience for both of them and I am so glad they were able to go! I loved what President Monson talked about in Conference about how when we go to the temple we leave ourselves outside. I love the temple and I am so thankful for the peace that it brings, if you haven't been in a while get there! Especially all you in Payson.. :)

This week we were also able to talk to some super great Jewish ladies! One of them talked to us for about an hour about Family History Work! She even came to the giant family history seminar we had last weekend! It was so cool talking with her, she says she loves finding the stories about her family and learning from them! I have gained a strong testimony of family history work while I have been out here on my mission, it really helps us learn from our ancestors and they are waiting and waiting for the temple work to be done for them... Again get to the temple! Do that work for those that you love! :)

I had a great study this week about the spirit and it reminded me how we feel the spirit when we do the things that invite it. I love the scriptures D&C 6:23, D&C 11:12-15, Romans 15:13 and Galations 5:22-23! The spirit is what does missionary work I am just lucky enough to be an instrument in the Lords hands to carry the spirit to His lost children. The gospel is true, it's been restored, as members of his church we should be the happiest people in the world!! :D keep smiling and serving you guys are great!! :D Have a wonderful week!

Love Sister Chisholm!! <3

We went to Holland this week.. :) Holland Michigan that is, totally tried on some AWESOME wooden shoes!

Hmm.. In sacrament meeting yesterday we had fast and testimony meeting which was great! :D I actually said the opening prayer! That was fun! :D One of the main topics of sacrament meeting was people talking about how we need to be grateful for what we do have, in relief society someone said something really great, Sister Landon said we should be grateful for our trials, look around you wouldn't want another persons trials. I thought about that a lot, we should be thankful for the trials we have, they are own and we get to experience them! It was a great sunday, I love fast sundays! We had dinner with the Bishops family and the elders! Guess what they fed us?!?! Pot Roast, potatoes, carrots, the whole thing I totally felt like I was at grandma and grandpas! The only thing missing was the grape juice! :)

Wow.. Who have I learned the most from? That one is hard.. I have learned a lot from my companions which is your next question, I have also learned a TON from my investigators and less actives. I would have to say Valerie taught me a lot about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how we must use it to become clean. Karenn has taught me a lot about how truly if we do the small and simple things we will have the spirit with us. I think that's a huge thing I am learning on my mission is that if we do the small and simple things we call it CPR, Church Pray and Read then the spirit is able to be with us. Truly life is about having the spirit with us, I think that is something huge Karenn taught me. I would have to say that's been a really big blessing. In Midland Patti and Kurt taught me a lot about having a change of heart and how we really do need to have a change of heart to come closer to Jesus Christ, we have to continue to have that change of heart like it talks about in Alma 5, Conversion comes over a lifetime but each day we can strengthen that conversion. I love people, I learn something every day whether it be from a door step, from a member, from an investigator seriously.. I have grown a lot.

What do I miss most about home.. that's an interesting question! I miss you guys that is for sure, I think I miss mountains and the lake especially right now! :) I would have to say something that I miss is being able to come home from something and coming in and talking with you about my day. Sometimes I just want to rant on about something or tell you and dad and everyone all the great experiences I am having and it's hard to convey them all in an email.. I would say those are some of the things that I miss. I am just grateful we do get to email