Monday, May 4, 2015

Holland Michigan, cool shoes and TULIP'S!

Cute Sister Chizzy had another great week! This week along with her letter to everyone, I added a little bit from her personal email to me. I LOVE getting these updates from her and so happy to see her growth every week!

Hey everyone!! :D I hope you all are having a wonderful week and that you are seeing the tender mercies of the Lord in all aspects of your lives wherever you may be! :D I sure am here in Michigan and one of them is the beautiful Spring that is here! Seriously I thought Utah had pretty springs.. Yeah I was definitely wrong, I have never seen such bright colors that contrast one another and the flowers.. It honestly feels like I am always in a greenhouse! Not to make you all jealous or anything but out here all the Michiganders really LOVE to talk about the weather so I thought I would update you all on it! :) haha

In other news we are doing great!! I am still serving in good ole East Lansing Michigan and I love it!! We see miracles every single day all we have to do is look for them! Here's a couple that I have seen this week! Our two recent converts Debbie and Akwasi were able to make it to the temple this week! It was such a wonderful experience for both of them and I am so glad they were able to go! I loved what President Monson talked about in Conference about how when we go to the temple we leave ourselves outside. I love the temple and I am so thankful for the peace that it brings, if you haven't been in a while get there! Especially all you in Payson.. :)

This week we were also able to talk to some super great Jewish ladies! One of them talked to us for about an hour about Family History Work! She even came to the giant family history seminar we had last weekend! It was so cool talking with her, she says she loves finding the stories about her family and learning from them! I have gained a strong testimony of family history work while I have been out here on my mission, it really helps us learn from our ancestors and they are waiting and waiting for the temple work to be done for them... Again get to the temple! Do that work for those that you love! :)

I had a great study this week about the spirit and it reminded me how we feel the spirit when we do the things that invite it. I love the scriptures D&C 6:23, D&C 11:12-15, Romans 15:13 and Galations 5:22-23! The spirit is what does missionary work I am just lucky enough to be an instrument in the Lords hands to carry the spirit to His lost children. The gospel is true, it's been restored, as members of his church we should be the happiest people in the world!! :D keep smiling and serving you guys are great!! :D Have a wonderful week!

Love Sister Chisholm!! <3

We went to Holland this week.. :) Holland Michigan that is, totally tried on some AWESOME wooden shoes!

Hmm.. In sacrament meeting yesterday we had fast and testimony meeting which was great! :D I actually said the opening prayer! That was fun! :D One of the main topics of sacrament meeting was people talking about how we need to be grateful for what we do have, in relief society someone said something really great, Sister Landon said we should be grateful for our trials, look around you wouldn't want another persons trials. I thought about that a lot, we should be thankful for the trials we have, they are own and we get to experience them! It was a great sunday, I love fast sundays! We had dinner with the Bishops family and the elders! Guess what they fed us?!?! Pot Roast, potatoes, carrots, the whole thing I totally felt like I was at grandma and grandpas! The only thing missing was the grape juice! :)

Wow.. Who have I learned the most from? That one is hard.. I have learned a lot from my companions which is your next question, I have also learned a TON from my investigators and less actives. I would have to say Valerie taught me a lot about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how we must use it to become clean. Karenn has taught me a lot about how truly if we do the small and simple things we will have the spirit with us. I think that's a huge thing I am learning on my mission is that if we do the small and simple things we call it CPR, Church Pray and Read then the spirit is able to be with us. Truly life is about having the spirit with us, I think that is something huge Karenn taught me. I would have to say that's been a really big blessing. In Midland Patti and Kurt taught me a lot about having a change of heart and how we really do need to have a change of heart to come closer to Jesus Christ, we have to continue to have that change of heart like it talks about in Alma 5, Conversion comes over a lifetime but each day we can strengthen that conversion. I love people, I learn something every day whether it be from a door step, from a member, from an investigator seriously.. I have grown a lot.

What do I miss most about home.. that's an interesting question! I miss you guys that is for sure, I think I miss mountains and the lake especially right now! :) I would have to say something that I miss is being able to come home from something and coming in and talking with you about my day. Sometimes I just want to rant on about something or tell you and dad and everyone all the great experiences I am having and it's hard to convey them all in an email.. I would say those are some of the things that I miss. I am just grateful we do get to email

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  1. I love reading these updates on her blog. Jenica is awesome. Sounds like she always has such a positive and happy outlook. I also love the questions and answers. I did that with Nick too.