Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day and Faith is Spiritual Evidence

I got a SWEET package in the mail this week from Sister Chizzy, she is so thoughtful and sweet to remember me when she is so busy and so involved with her mission! It meant a lot!
It was so wonderful to talk to our sweet missionary on Mother's Day.  We got to FaceTime, which was a first for us, we didn't ever get to with our first missionary We weren't able to with her either at Christmas, so this was a real treat!
She is doing so well, so happy, so full of sunshine and so excited about missionary work. We loved laughing with her, listening to her stories, having her recite her mission statement, watching the kids interact with their sister and just hearing her cute voice. For a mom, there's nothing better than having all of your kids together, laughing instead of fighting, telling jokes, smiling and loving each's my kind of heaven and for one sweet hour I got that this week. It was the best!

Hey everyone!!! First off Happy Late Mothers Day to all those mothers out there, well and future mothers and all that stuff! :D I LOVED talking to my AMAZING family yesterday!! It was the greatest being able to see their cute faces, laughing with them and feeling a bit like I was in good ole Utah again! How blessed we are to have the technology to do things like that, I hope that all you missionaries had a great time talking to your moms as well!! :) The Chizzy family truly is the BEST!!! :D

Things are going great out here in East Lansing!! :) We are working hard to find more people to teach and we have been seeing success as we apply some of the great things we learned at Zone Conference this week! Oh my goodness it was amazing, I love modern day revelation, our mission president truly does know how to lead this mission under the direction of Jesus Christ. Here are some great things I learned this week..

1. Check out these awesome words that stand for things...
JOY- Jesus, Others, Yourself
SMILE- Spiritually Minded Is Life Eternal
SMILE- Surround Myself in Light Everyday
HOPE- Hold On Pain Ends
PACE- Positive Attitude Changes Everything
Aren't those great?! I just love them all especially Joy, and Pace, it's amazing because when we remember Jesus Christ we desire to serve others and then we lose ourselves in becoming who Christ needs us to be! I love remembering these whenever we are having a hard day or when people don' really want to listen or even when things are going great! :D

2. Another huge thing I loved this week is the title of my email, Faith is spiritual evidence, so often we want evidence we can hold in our hands, things that we can touch however we are dual beings, we have a spirit and a body and when we have spiritual evidence it's much stronger then physical evidence, and we do have physical evidence as well we have the Book of Mormon and modern day revelation to help us to gain that stronger spiritual evidence. I am so thankful for all the resources our Heavenly Father gives us. What a blessing!! :D

3. I just want to talk about my incredible family for a few minutes here! Yesterday I was asked to speak in sacrament meeting, I mean who does that to a missionary on mothers day..? :) but it was actually really great, I am so blessed to have such incredible examples and disciples of Christ in my life that I have looked to since I was born and most likely before as well. My parents truly are the examples of obedience, charity and sacrifice. I am grateful to hold the name Chisholm and to have all my family past or future on my side as missionary. I know that angels are among us, they are sent to us to help us and they stand before our faces and watch over us.

It's a beautiful day, the gospel is true, it's been restored, and I LOVE it! :D Have a wonderful week!!

Love Sister Chisholm! <3

We took a pic at MSU campus this week.. Apparently this bell is pretty cool according to our investigator Jeffery! :)

A funny story she told us this week, her investigator is from Vietnam and he kept telling her her hair looked like "oodles". She usually straightens it but this day she'd left it curly. She wasn't quite sure what he was saying and finally he came out with a package of ramen noodles and said " OODLES!!!" we laughed pretty hard about her Oodle hair!

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