Monday, March 9, 2015

I love you MORE.....above freezing....Be bold, Be brave, Be FEARLESS!!!

So I totally just had an amazing letter all written out and it just disappeared! So bear with me cuz this one probably will not be as great as planned! :D 
this week was amazing though, we are teaching some incredible people and we are seeing success happen here in Lansing!
We had an amazing lesson with our investigator Karenn this week and she is planning on being baptized soon! She is waiting for her friend that introduced her to the church to be able to come here for it! :)
Well since I pretty much ran out of time and my email that I had ready is gone I just wanted to share with you guys something I learned this week at stake conference! :D Our Stake President talked about how we can obtain the Living Water of Christ and truly it comes by praying, morning and night, reading the scriptures, going to church and partaking of the sacrament and then by keeping the sabbath day holy! I want to add make sure to keep the commandments as well, by doing these things we will be able to have the spirit with us more fully, we will be able to have guidance in our every day lives and we will be watched over and protected from on high!
This gospel is true, I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior as he is all of yours. He truly loves us and wants us to succeed. Our Heavenly Father loves us no matter what, he wants us to be happy and by doing the things he asks we will be happy!
Have a wonderful week!! 
"Be bold, Be brave, Be fearless! " 
Love Sister Chisholm <3 

 We have an ongoing conversation about how much we love each the moon and back, more than twinkies, brownies, Frozen, homemade pasta etc. She found this sign and sent it to me today. DAY MADE!!!!!
Just so you all know it got above freezing this week.. Blessing from on high!!!!!!!! 
 This cute Sister needed help with decorations to the Prom. She asked my girl to help her! These flowers are AMAZING!!!

My poor girl has a really bad cold this week....and yet, she's still smiling!!!!! Proud of her!

Every week I ask her questions...usually she does a great job at answering them! Here are some answers from this week!

Things are great out here!! :D Oh my goodness, we had a great week! Like it was SOO great, so with the car question get ready for it.. It's a blue 2014 Chevrolet cruise!!! :D It's like my baby, its even followed me from Midland to here! hahaha It's the cutest thing ever, I love it!!! We got our miles dropped this week though, which will be hard but we will be able to make it! I love driving, it is totally my stress relief! :D
Favorite meal this week, hmm.. Last night we had white chilie which was pretty good, OH! We had this super good dinner on Saturday with a family, they fed us this way good meat stuff, it tasted like the stuff dad smokes! It was delicous, I wasn't feeling way great but it was still really good! We also had corn bread and asparagus and some fruit, that was my favorite part! It was yummy! The members were so sweet to have us over, the elders came too, oh man elders are so funny! They always have something funny to talk about, we talked about mormon jokes for a while like.. Why does everyone look up to Moroni? Because he is always on the ball... :) haha funny stuff! Good times! :D 

Oh my goodness I am glad you asked about what I am studying! Actually I am totally in the war chapters of Alma!! dun dun dun.. hahaha :) I just read about Amalikiah and his evil scheme to get Lehonti down from the mountain. Last night I totally related it all to Sis Chugg about how that is us in our daily lives, satan tries to lower us little by little until finally we are down to the bottom of our mountain and then he feeds us poison by degrees like Amalikiah did to Lehonti. Sometimes I get really excited about these stories,  luckily Sis Chugg likes it! :) haha It's amazing to me how many battles the Nephites or the people of Moroni fight with the Lamenites, I also am just learning so much about battle strategies, I hope I never am put into war because I would just do all the things from the Book of Mormon!! hahaha :) 

hmm.. What is different about Michigan and Utah?! I would say the cold is one, it's like a bitter wind cold here so thats one! I also would say that all the streets are actually names!! Oh my goodness that is the hardest one for me, in Utah everything is like 400 500 600 street or whatever out here it's like Milford street and then Abott street and like all this weird stuff! I get so confused! haha :) I also love the people out here.  Everyone has a story and they all have a conversion story, I really like that a lot! :D 

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