Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Howdy everyone all the way from East Lansing! :) I hope you all have had a fantastic week! I know I have! This week has been so great! I was transferred to this incredible area in East Lansing, Lansing area! It is on FIRE! Like seriously we are teaching so many people and because of Michigan State University so close by we are able to teach so many diverse people. We have a Chinese investigator, Vietnamese investigator, a autistic genius investigator and even a Korean investigator! It is amazing how the gospel can truly bless the lives of all people everywhere!
My new companion is Sister Chugg she is from Ogden Utah and is the sweetest sister in the world I am convinced that nothing can make her mad, she is very soft spoken but super funny and crazy when she is around people she knows, she has the purest testimony and a love for the gospel. I am so blessed to be able to serve alongside her! We are going to see miracles here in Lansing! :D
Our ward is full of great people! It ranges from the elderly people to the newly married people that attending MSU we are able to help a lot of less actives. There are a lot here so our days are filled with talking to people, teaching lots of lessons and finding less actives that are willing to let us in! We are working hard and seeing success! This area is so full of potential, rumor on the street is that we may get a temple in Lansing, that would be so GREAT! :D There are a lot of members and a ton of great people here!
We are teaching some wonderful people specifically, Karenn, our Korean investigator, she is incredible! Jeffery, he is a genius like literally! Marjorie which she is just the sweetest lady ever, and then we have quite a few other investigators that are going to soon be progressing! I really like it here! I am learning a ton about the area and all these new faces, being transferred truly helps you know what to work on and what things you are good at! The gospel is true, Heavenly Father truly does answer prayers and wants us all to be happy! 
Love Sister Chisholm <3
Also we totally saw these shoes hanging from the electric line.. haha funny right?! 

Sister Chugg and Chisholm


I had to include this......Our girl is so excited and happy! Her enthusiasm is so contagious and we love it!!!!

Hey mom!! Oh my hannah, Lansing is AWESOME!! Like seriously, I can't even believe I am serving in a city! We are serving mostly in East Lansing but also in Lansing area, I mean talk about city! It's awesome!! I am so SO excited to serve here, it's like night and day from Midland in seriously almost every single way! 
So pretty much yes, I love Lansing my companion is Sister Chugg, she is the sweetest, kindest sister in the world, like I mean it. I don't think she can even be mad, she came out with Sister Lau so she is still pretty new, the fun part of this week has been that she really doesn't know this area like at all... At first, I felt pretty stressed but now I feel great about it. I know that this transfer is going to increase my missionary work a ton, I have to be the senior companion in an area I don't even know. I think she will come to understand this area better as well, she really leaned on her trainer a lot but I think that we will figure things out together and all will be well! I love her to death though, she seriously is amazing, very soft spoken but she has the purest testimony ever. :)
Our apartment is awesome!! We even have a gym like just a hop skip and jump away, we totally ran like twice this week too! I was so happy to be able to run on the treadmill, it made me so happy! :D Our apartment is really cute, it makes weird noises sometimes because of the cold, ya know the like 14 degrees cold! Oh my goodness we found out this week that this February is the coldest Michigan has had in the past 140 years.. It wasn't above freezing once this month!! #coldtothebone but hey it's march now and this morning it was like 31 degrees already!! Spring is a coming!!! :D And it's been super sunny lately, oh man I love the sun! We have a full time car which is super nice, we still get to walk on saturdays but that's not bad at all! It gives us some fresh air! :) All in all, I really like where we live the area is SO different than Midland, like it seriously is so different. People here are so diverse which is really cool and they are actually willing to talk to us! It's amazing!! :)
Our ward is pretty good, yesterday was interesting I won't lie. More than 75% of this ward is less active, which means we are going to be working with that a ton, and it's just so diverse. Because of the college really close to here we get a lot of members that are going to school but are married, or they are super super old single people! It's so interesting, this ward needs some kingdom builders that is for sure. I am excited to find them, I think that is what is going to help it the most! The strong members are great though, we have already had quite a few dinners which is great, and they are all really sweet. It just needs even more building, which Sister Chugg and I are here to do! :)
Our district is pretty awesome!! I don't know everyone in it yet but I do know that Elder File from the MTC is in my district! Me and him are super good friends, so I am way excited to be in his district! Our district leader seems really awesome! I really like him, he is obedient so I am happy about that! :) We are the only sisters in our district and then there are two sets of elders so that will be fun! Although we live right next to some sisters that serve at MSU, so we get to work out with them in the mornings sometimes! They are so sweet! We are seriously at the heart of the mission, the work here is SO GOOD!!! Oh my goodness seriously like so good, our ward had 5 baptisms last week and we have 3 solid progressing investigators and then like 3 other investigators that are almost progressing! It's so cool mom! We are surrounded by other missionaries and there is just so so much potential here! It's awesome!!!!! :D 

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