Monday, October 20, 2014

Rainbows, running and saying goodbye to a wonderful trainer!

 "Fishing" at Dow Park-the colors are beautiful!
 With their friend and investigator at the park! Look at the gorgeous colors!
 Sister Chizzy says after the rainstorms it is so beautiful, and this gorgeous rainbow proves it!
 I love this picture! Out they to teach the gospel!! AND THOSE LEAVES!!!! Gorgeous!
 A new member family Sister Chizzy is teaching.
 Another gorgeous "after the rain" picture.
 Sister Chisholm and her district.
As a mom I prayed that my girl would get a wonderful trainer who would be patient, kind, sweet and helpful. Sister Nuttall has been amazing and Jen has learned so much from her. She can't say enough good about her and absolutely LOVES her. She is coming home on Wednesday, so she will get a new companion. We are so grateful to this sweet Sister missionary for training our greenie missionary and for loving her! She loves you, and so we do too!

Here is an excerpt from her letter this week!

This week was just dandy! :) It was transfers and I am super excited to get my new companion Sister Smith! She is going to finish training me and it's going to be great! We had some super cool experiences this week, here's just a couple to sum it up!
While door knocking the other day we knocked into this girl named Mattie, she was having a pretty bad day but then we started talking to her and she opened up a little bit and guess what? She is a runner, she runs cross country and track at her school so I related praying and coming closer to Heavenly Father to running, it was pretty cool! I didn't know that it could relate but guess what the spirit prompted me to go that way and it made sense to her! The spirit is so awesome, just saying but we had a really great conversation with her and talked for a while and then I invited her to look up and also to look up the song Blessings by Laura Story one of my favorites and that night she texted us telling us she had. That was definitely a cool experience. It's little moments like that that show how we are all looked out for a watched over.
Another one was on Friday we had dinner and FHE with the Lui family which they are already pretty close to my heart because they are from mainland China, but we had dinner, pizza, macaroni and cheese, pears, carrots and then pot stickers, definitely an interesting combo but super good  and then we had prepared to teach them about Moroni, definitely one of my favorite stories in the Book of Mormon but lets be real all of Alma is my favorite. I love it. Go and re read Alma its just the best way to be uplifted and also teach us some epic stuff like faith, how to be missionaries and how to be leaders. Anyways we were teaching them and they have this girl Audrey that watching over them and we invited her to come over and be part of the lesson, so Sister Nuttall gave her, her Book of Mormon to look at and her Book of Mormon is super colorful and very used cuz she goes home on Wednesday and Audrey loved it. She was super involved in the lesson and after I gave the lesson she said so what is this book and while Sister Nuttall helped clean up and everything I taught Audrey about what it was and had her read the intro and everything and she said she was going to start reading it right then and we set up an appointment with her on Tuesday. That was such a blessing! :) It was really cool, Heavenly Father places people right where he knows they need to be! I know I am where I am needed, Midland is incredible and being a missionary like my heros, Ammon, Alma, Aaron and Moroni feels like I am living in a movie. The gospel is true. I love you all! Have a great week, also here's a scripture if you are ever having a rough day, Alma 50:23!
Love Sister Chisholm

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