Monday, October 13, 2014

Meet the Mormons!

Sister Chizzy had another great week in Midland. She is excited to get transfer calls tomorrow. She will get her new companion probably on Thursday of this week. She will miss her trainer, and we are so grateful she had a great Sister to help her learn the "ropes" of being a green missionary! In her personal letters to us this week she told us how she is happy to have a GPS in her car (they rotate between cars and bikes) it is easy to get lost there because she is used to mountains to guide her and South and North named streets. She also told us that for Canadian Thanksgiving she had stir fry at a members house and was thrilled to have had that! She LOVES getting mail and packages and said she finally got our MTC package that we sent the day she left for Michigan...only a month late....I thought mailing packages would be easier this time around hahaha!
She was able to go see the new movie Meet the Mormons "like a real normal person" with her district. She loved it and said she cried during the part of the missionary mom story. She told me to bring lots of tissues when we go....and that she loved it! She thinks its a great missionary tool!
We are proud of her and her happiness and excitement about the gospel and missionary work! No pictures this week, she forgot her camera plug, so she said she'll send extra next week!

Hey everyone!!! :D I hope you all had a wonderful week! To start honestly check out that scripture, Hebrews 10:35 then check out the talk called Cast not therefore your confidence by Elder Holland. It literally changed my life this morning. After we have a testimony that something is true, we must build upon it! :) 
That's my little insight for the morning, just do it. I promise you will be uplifted! haha :) 
So this week was great! 
We got to watch Meet the Mormons and it was incredible!!! Go see it, seriously I cried, laughed and just all around loved it. It will uplift you. That was one of my highlights this week for sure! :) 
Another high light was Alex, we door knocked into him a couple weeks ago and invited him to watch conference and pray to know if Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ and then we went back on Wednesday which was trade offs, I have a testimony that miracles happen on trade offs.. haha but anyways he told us that he knows that Joseph Smith was a prophet and he wanted to know more about the Book of Mormon, he also told us that he wants to learn more and wants to come closer to Christ, wow... that was incredible. Then Friday we had the chance to go back and he had prayed again and he again testified to us, know isn't that a little backwards but yeah he testified to us that he has prayed and knows it's true!!! WOW.. We then invited him to be baptized and he said he wants to make that covenant with his Heavenly Father. People are prepared to hear the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. They really are. I can testify of that. What a blessing for us over here in little Midland, I am so grateful for the chance to be a missionary, it's the best decision I have ever made. 
Another great thing that happened this week was with our investigator Valerie she met with the bishop and is praying for a baptismal date this week. That was an answer to our prayers, we are not perfect teachers and we had not the greatest lesson with her on Thursday but then she had a change of heart and is more on board with everything then ever before. I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us. He loves us and wants us to come closer to him. 
Transfers are this week.. so wish me luck!! My companion is actually going home next week so I am getting a new companion no matter what! Crazy stuff! Well I love you all! Have a wonderful week, don't forget to pray, study and come closer to Christ. It's worth it. I promise! 
Love Sister Jenica Chisholm 

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