Monday, September 29, 2014

The River Time and Mormon Battalion re-enactment!

 Sis Chizzy does a LOT of driving!
 They got to make apple cider and go apple picking with their ward!
 For some reason, I can't spin this around, but she loves the beautiful leaves!

 Sister Chizzy and Nuttell got to go help with her ward at a reenactment of the Mormon Battalion. She loved it! They even made a pie in a dutch oven!
In the river behind her she said there were ski boats all over and it about "killed her" to  not jump in and go boating with them...oh the sacrifices of a missionary!!!!!

Sister Chizzy is doing well in her first area, Midland Michigan. She loves the beautiful trees and autumn weather they are having now and is excited to be teaching a LOT. She loves her investigators and was excited to teach a direct descendant of Joseph Smith this past week. She is also teaching some new members and less actives and loves that part of missionary work as well. Her positivity and excitement is contagious in her letters, she is so happy and so full of enthusiasm. We are grateful for her example and her simple but profound testimony of missionary work and especially why she’s a missionary.

On Saturday we had the chance to go to River of Time in Bay city. It's  all  re-enactments of pieces of history. We went with the Hensons, an awesome family in our ward, we got to dress up like pioneers and tell people about the Mormon Battalion!!!  I learned so much about it, so many people don't know anything about it or even that the Mormons help out with it but they really did and they saw and helped so many things happen! It was such an awesome experience it reminded me so much of trek and all the pioneers and everything they did to come west. It definitely took on a new meaning, especially talking with people about how it is part of our history. We had a great time!
The Women's Broadcast was definitely a highlight of the week, I just loved it all. It made me cry, smile and just learn. I loved how much they talked about temples and how important it is like Sister Stevens said, " if you want to give a light to others,  you must glow yourself." It's so true, especially as a missionary. Our lives are so different than anyone elses, this week I noticed even more how being set apart as a missionary is literally being set apart from the world. It's the coolest thing. I am learning so much about the gospel, so much about the restored gospel, so much about people and their beliefs, so much about myself, my strengths my weaknesses and most importantly so much about my Savior, Jesus Christ and my Father in heaven. 
Friday was finding day! We found 4 families that all wanted us to come back, and I don't know what finding usually is like but Sis Nuttall was in shock that so many wanted us back. We are excited for this week to go and see them all! They all were such wonderful people and it's going to be great to see them again and help them understand that families are forever! :D Missionary work is seriously awesome!!!! I love it SOOO much! It's definitely been an adjustment but the coolest part is aligning myself with what Heavenly Father wants me to be. It's incredible to see what he is doing with me day by day, I love it! 

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