Monday, September 22, 2014

Sprained ankle, losing keys, getting lost, a few more adventures!

Sister Chisholm had a good week!
She fell down some stairs and popped and sprained her ankle, lost her keys, got lost out in the country (but it ended up being a blessing!), lost her photo SD card and has been in rain, cold and humidity, but, is still super happy and excited! She says she has taught a bunch of people this week, and is especially excited because even though people may not want to hear the message she is teaching, they are kind to her and they tell her to keep spreading the "good news" she says, "mom, I am meeting so many GOOD people of different faiths, and I love that! It's just like you've always said about the mission field, there are good people everywhere, we need to not judge and just love!"
She says she gets fed almost every night and she loves her ward and the members who are always so willing to go with them to appointments and bring their investigators to church....way to go MICHIGAN!!!!
The fall weather makes her happy as the leaves are all bright orange and red and brown and she is absolutely loving her new "home!" 
Letters of course are always appreciated!

Here are some excerpts from her letter this week!


Friday was like finding day! We found 4 families that all wanted us to come back, and I don't know what finding usually is like but Sis Nuttall was like in shock that so many wanted us back. We are excited for this week to go and see them all! They all were such wonderful people and it's going to be great to see them again and help them understand that families are forever! :D Missionary work is seriously awesome!!!! I love it SOOO much! It's definitely been an adjustment but the coolest part is aligning myself with what Heavenly Father wants me to be. It's incredible to see what he is doing with me day by day, I love it! 

Saturday was so wonderful we got to go to a baptism his name was Joe he was working with the Elders but he has been investigating for like 4 years and he finally got to be baptized! What a wonderful day it was! President and Sister Jacobson got to come too! That was so great! I love them!!! They are seriously the best ever! So SO awesome! We also got to go to this stake activity and that was really fun too! We got to eat tons and tons of food.. haha as a missionary you start to really love LOVE food especially free food! haha :) It was yummy made me think of our little ward parties at home! haha :D It rains quite a bit, and it's already pretty chilly but mom it is so beautiful!! I will send you pics next week... I may have lost my memory card... :( Luckily I didn't have very many pics on it.. I am buying a new one today and I will send you so many pics! The leaves are seriously incredible!!!!!!! AHH! I love them! And all the Halloween stuff is in the stores makes me think of you! :) 

My last miracle, oh there were just so many I haven't even written them all but the last one I want to talk about is Gene, she is this 63 year old we met yesterday. She let us in and she let us teach her the restoration! It was SO wonderful! She was so receptive were going back to teach her tonight. It's moments like those when I learn so much. I am learning about how simple the gospel is but also how it can completely change lives! The gospel is true, Heavenly Father is there and answers our prayers as long as we turn to him. 

OH! You all should read Alma 18!! It's awesome and I love it we all can be like Ammon in some way or another! haha :) 

Hey everyone!! First off I hope you all are doing good! :) Look for the tender mercies in your lives, you will find some I promise!! 
This week we had so many miracles! Here's a couple to list, 
We met Valerie, she has been taking the lessons for I think about 2 years and wants to be baptized!! We met her on Monday night and she had been meeting with the Sisters but then they left for 6 weeks so now we meet with her a lot and she is progressing! :) She is pretty funny and is making us laugh everyday! 
We met Doug he is a direct descent of Joseph Smith! I will send a pic next week cuz I actually lost my memory card.. but yeah! He is pretty cool, doesn't believe in our church but if he would just pray then I know he would.That was a pretty cool experience he actually let us teach him the first lesson and he was engaged that's always a good sign! 
So probably one of my favorite miracles happened when we were driving to see Doug we got lost out in the country.. here in Midland the country means like 5 minutes out of town.. haha :) But we got lost so we turned into this drive way to turn around and Sis Nuttall is all lets go knock on this door. We both felt we needed to so we did, we knocked no answer, knocked again no answer.. we even knocked another time because we felt like we needed to. Still no answer, we walked over to the side of the house and still no one was there just as we were turning to leave a man came out from the back yard. He looks at us and were like Hi! We are missionaries sent here by a prophet! :) and we started to talk to him, he told us he had a friend die last year and so we taught him the plan of salvation right then and there, he thanked us for coming by and we got his information and are following up with him this week. I can testify to all of you that people everywhere are prepared to hear about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. We must be willing to listen to the spirit inside of us and follow the promptings we feel. I am so grateful to be a missionary, but each of us are missionaries! We couldn't do anything here without the members, they are always willing to feed us, and come out with us and give us rides! Missionaries need the members just as much as members need the missionaries! 
I love this gospel and I know it's true! Have a wonderful week! Find the tender mercies in your lives! 
<3 Love Sister Chisholm!! 

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  1. I love hearing her experiences and can't wait to see some pictures of beautiful Michigan. She sounds seriously happy. I love her enthusiasm and I'm taking her challenge to read Alma 18 this week. Love it all.