Monday, September 15, 2014

MTC and arrival in Michigan!

 First Pictures of Sister Chizzy in the MTC
 Sister Chizzy, our friend Kwin and her companion Sister Koch!
 Her district in the MTC.

 Sister Chiz and Sister Koch after running back to the MTC from the temple in a huge downpour!
 The traditional MTC picture!
A happy arrival and meeting her mission president and his wife. President and Sister Jacobsen, from Springville Utah. A hot air balloon festival she was able to watch and a happy family who got a much anticipated phone call from their girl at the airport!

Sister Chizzy with her trainer, Sister Nuttell, from Fairview Utah. 

September 8th

I learned that if I am prepared to teach a lesson the spirit will guide us, we are not teaching the spirit is teaching. There are SO many things I have learned just being here for 2 weeks. I didn't even know what missionary work was about, and let me tell ya it is wonderful. Sister Koch and I taught out PI which is our teacher pretending to be an investigator from her mission, her name is Brooke and so we were super nervous to teach her, and we had only had about 20 minutes to prepare for the lesson so we said a prayer right before we went in and both of us look at each other and said, we need to help her understand she needs to be cleansed from sin and we want to challenge her to be baptized. We went in and did exactly that. When you can't remember what you said you know the spirit was there! :D So wonderful. I can't describe it in any other words! 

The new sisters in our zone came on Wednesday and they brought such great happy spirits. I love each of them they have all taught me something different just over this past short week and I am grateful for their testimonies. The elders that came are also incredible. Wow missionary work is seriously SO great! Get involved in it at home.. I am telling ya.. it's AWESOME!! haha :) 

Thursday was a blessing! We went to this In-field training thing and it was super long.. from like 8-5:30 at night with only lunch as a break... :O BUT there is a but it answered every question we needed answered about the field. They talked a ton about the members and referrals and how to use the Ward Missionary and we learned about planning, setting goals and everything. It was super helpful and I felt like even though it was so long I learned a ton! Good thing for notebooks.. haha If I didn't write stuff down I wouldn't remember a thing! :) We were asked that day to ponder the question, " am I a burden or a blessing?" and that hit me pretty hard I never want to be a burden to my mission president, my companion, my bishop no one. I want them to be able to rely on me. It's been something I have been praying for all week. :) 

I am continuing to learn that missionary work means WORK! From the minute we are on our knees praying at well about 6:10ish.. haha till we are in bed at 10:30 I am working to invite others to come to Christ. What a wonderful experience to spend 18 months completely devoted to The Lord! It is hard and exhausting and I won't lie I have almost fallen asleep in some of our devotionals one or two times but, I am doing my best and I know that, that is just what he asks for! :) 

Family.. I LOVE you!! Seriously I am so grateful for your examples to me. I wouldn't be where I am right now without such wonderful people to look up to and such wonderful people to be with forever. Families are Forever and I couldn't be more grateful for mine! :) On Saturday during class one of my favorite teachers his name is Brother Nate, which by the way he loves BYU so we the updates on games and stuff.. Dad! :) haha He told us this quote.. "Life is too long to not be enjoyed!" I loved that! I mean think about it we are only here for a little while when we see the grand scheme of things, have fun while we are here and love it. I have LOVED the MTC it has been so hard, so rewarding, so spiritual and I have learned so much! It's going to be great to get to Michigan but I have loved it here as well. I definitely thank my Heavenly Father and my district for that! 

Sunday was my favorite day here by far. I gave over my assignment as Sister Training Leader to one of the new sweet sisters. She will be great and already is taking care of the sisters. They love and look up to her so much! We had mission conference on Sunday and we sang, " We are NOW The Lord's missionaries and we will bring the world his truth." I mean seriously do they want to make me cry?!?! A room full of hundreds of missionaries singing that, wow! Missionary work is so close to my heart and now I wear the badge that holds my saviors name. I am so grateful to be here. Sacrement meeting was incredible, we had fast and testimony meeting and let me tell ya 25 missionaries in one room baring their testimonies that they know that Jesus Christ loves us, that he atoned for us and that he Lives for us, is definitely one of the best things ever. I would say that Sunday next to the day I went through the temple was the most spiritual day of my life so far. Sunday night after a devotional we asked our elders to give us priesthood blessings because Sister Pope, Sister Eisenberger, Elder Graves and Elder Mccain all left Monday afternoon for Austrilia! :) I asked one of the elders in our zone, Elder Sauer, pronounced Sour.. yes... Our district has some weird weird names.. haha :) But I mean Chisholm isn't all that normal either.. :) But I asked  him to give one to me. He had never given on before and it was beautiful. My testimony of Priesthood power has always been strong because of you dad and your spirit but this was definitely a moment that I won't forget. He blessed me to know that my family is praying for me, that they love me and that they will blessed for me serving a mission. He blessed me that I will instantly love the people in Michigan and that they will want to know me because of the spirit that I possess. He blessed me that because of my trials and things I have gone through I will be able to relate to people that others cannot and that they will come to understand and love the gospel. He blessed me to know that even when I am done serving my mission that I will forever be a missionary, that my mission is not over when I am done but that I will continue to invite others to Christ my whole life. He blessed me to know that my knowledge of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will stay with me throughout my time here and for the eternities. It was incredible. I didn't even know what to think after besides that I know The Priesthood is real and that it works. What a wonderful experience for him and for me. I am so grateful for my dad and that he has always had the priesthood and has been worthy to always be there for me. 

As you can tell this week has been fantastic. I leave for Michigan tomorrow morning at 4:30!!! Holy Moly! It's going to be AWESOME!! Oh ps.. Today it decided to pour like literally pour rain.. I don't know if any of you saw it but up here in Provo it was like puddles bigger than Utah lake!!! hahaha :) We had just gotten out of the temple and me and Sister Koch decided to run back to the MTC we were DRENCHED!!! I mean I was absolutly soaked!! haha If I could send you the pic I would! It was so SO much fun though, we laughed the whole way, then two of the elders in our zone were waiting by the cross walk with their suit jackets for us. What wonderful missionaries. :) haha if you aren't laughing and having fun while working hard then something is wrong! :) Life is good. I am excited to get to Michigan and this song has been almost our theme song this week, " Come come ye saints, no toil no labor feel.. All is well. All is well." The gospel of Jesus Christ is true. It has been restored and I cannot wait to share it with the people in Michigan!! :D Love you tons!!!! 
Love Sister Chizzy! <3 

September 10
Left for Michigan! We got to talk to Sister Chizzy for about an hour! She was so happy and excited to go!

September 15

Hey everyone! I am so sorry that is has taken me this long to give a little update on my mission! 

I am serving in Midland Michigan its up in pretty much the middle part of the state, it's a beautiful place filled with wonderful awesome people! :) We are actually whitewashing right now, and if you don't know what that is it's when you pretty much go in like a deer in the headlights, no sisters have been here for about 6 weeks so we are starting from scratch! :) My trainer is named Sister Nuttell, she is from Fairview Utah and is seriously wonderful! She picks up all my slack especially trying to adjust to the mish life! I love it here in Michigan the people are so wonderful, they may not think they need the gospel right now but they will! The gospel of Jesus Christ is true, I know that it changes lives! 

My mission president is President and Sister Jacobsen! They are incredible, they actually are from Springville Utah which is pretty cool! They are so happy to be here and know exactly what to do to help us out as missionaries! 

Right now we are not teaching anyone.. :( Sad I know but I guess that's what happens when you are whitewashing, people are being prepared and becoming ready to hear the restored truths! I love this gospel! I also encourage all of you to be member missionaries, the members here are so great! They are always wanting to help and work hard, be that way! Help out, even if you don't wear a badge you are still a missionary! Have a wonderful week everyone and remember Heavenly Father loves you! The gospel is restored and it is true!! 
Love ya! 
Love Sister Chizzy! <3

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