Tuesday, February 2, 2016

SPARK it!!!!

 This threesome ROCKS!!!

A family at a restaurant paid to have 4 cheesecakes ordered for "the church people"....thought that was pretty cute!

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great day!! Happy February!! I can't believe it's already February, it's so crazy to me how fast time goes!! I hope that you are all doing well and that you are happy! 
Things are going great out here in TC, and being  a trio!! We are working hard and having a blast as we do so!! :) Sister Koch is the life of the party and is always helping us laugh and make the best of everything! She is so sweet, Sister Jackson rocks and is always making funny little jokes as well! I love them! I know that the Lord needs us to be companions. We will forever be sisters! It's like automatic best friends! :D 

So here's my little thought to start off.. Spark is what is needed for a fire to start. It will never start without one, so here is what it stands for!! :) missionary style of course.. but it can apply to all of you too! S-Sincerity P-Perserverance A-Action R-Reverence K-Knowledge!! All these things help us to come to know our Savior Jesus Christ better. So we must always be working on that spark no matter what it is we need to constantly be better and be increasing our faith and testimonies! :) Keep on going, it's all about that enduring to the end principle!!! :D 

This week has been just this! We started off the transfer with a bang!! We talked to a ton of people, we knocked on lots of doors, we taught some powerful lessons, we saw some awesome miracles and of course we laughed along the way and of course had some moments of craziness!! :) There is a scripture that talks about how the voice of 2 or 3 witness is great and I can atest that having 3 witnesses is amazing!!!!!! :D It's so fun to be with 3 of us! We all just laugh, work hard and all are able to help one another! What a party that's what it is! haha :) This week we met a guy that had been a member but decided to leave the church and he was so cool. It taught me a lot about how prayer works. I thought as we walked away from that door how much his family must pray for him, how much they think about him and how much they must wish that his heart would be softened to come back to church again. I am amazed at the patience that people can have with their kids and their familes. Patience is such a great attribute!

Well I am about to head to petosky for trade offs but I hope you all have a wonderful week and that you are happy!! ;) Remember to be grateful I have such a testimony of gratitude prayers! :) They work!!!! Love you all!! 

Sister Chisholm! <3 
The TC zone!!!! :) 
 YAY for missionary care packages!
 Zone P-day!
Fun t-shirts made for p-day! UP NORTH!

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