Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bodly, Nobly, Coldly

 TC sisters way up NORTH!!
I love when cute members send me pictures of my girl! Looks like a yummy day!

Hey everyone!!!! :D I hope you all have had a week full of great miracles, I have such a testimony of tender mercies. Heavenly Father is constantly raining blessings upon us, we must be in tune with the spirit to notice them and then of course give him thanks for them! One of my very favorite scriptures is Alma 26:2.. It is when Ammon is talking to his brethern and he asks them, have you seen all the blessings the Lrod has given to us?! :) This morning I read that scripture and then wrote a list of things that I was grateful for right then, it set my day off so perfectly and was exactly what I needed for the spirit to be with for the rest of my studies! Keeping a gratitude journal helps us to see those small and wonderful tender mercies!! <3 I would invite you all to look for them and write them down, they change your perspective!! :) 

We had a great week! Lots of working with less actives, lots of finding and talking with Heavenly Fathers great children here in Traverse City, lots and lots of food! We had 3 dinner/lunch appointments on Friday!! That was super fun, but I definitley have never ate so much in my whole life!! Even on Thanksgiving!! haha :) We were able to teach our investigator Tim and his wife that is less active and their son who is also less active this week and there lesson went really well, their son Brandon bore his testimony to us and it totally brought the spirit to help his dad and mom to want to come back to church. I love the spirit, it's the only way to do this work!! :D 

Went on Trade offs with Petosky this week!! That was a blast! :) I love sister smith! We had a great time, we taught this guy Scott.. and he was not really interested but had a ton to say about other things so that was a moment of being noble and bold, we testified to him of the Book of Mormon and he said he may read it. Sometimes all you can do is bear your tesitmony and then invite, I have learned that is the best way to help someone change, bear testimony of truth and then invite, then they will govern themselves!! :) Agency is so important! 

We knocked a lot in the cold this week but don't worry we don't have frozen feet yet, or anything else!! :D It's actually been super beautiful and the sun is shining today!! I love it!! Michigan is so beautiful!! :D 

Anyways life is good! I love being a missionary, 3 Nephi 5:13 explains my call as a missionary perfectly, I love the Lord, I know Heavenly Father answers our prayers, I know that we are here for a reason and that is to become more like our Father in Heaven. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know that our decisions determine destiny and that we must choose wisely!!!! 

Have a great week.. And Keep smiling!! there is joy ahead!! :) 

Love Sister Chisholm! 

I asked her about her area and her neighbors and where she lives....this is where she is!

On the neighborhood and neighbors part, we have only met one neighbor and only one time!! He brings the trash can in for us! So that is nice! :) He's just this older guy that isn't there very often! We don't have a ton of neighbors, but we live across the street from a lake!!! and our old branch mission leader lives like across our yard from us! So that is fun! :) We drive a ton.. .around 60 miles a day!!! Our area is like 2 hours or so long, we have a bunch of country knocking and lots of driving! But it's fun! Sis Jackson got her thing this week so she can drive! So we have now all been able to drive which is good! I love driving though, it's such a stress relief for me! :) So TC is pretty big but like I said we work most of the boonies we like to call them, we have like 5 other little tiny towns! There's like Suttons bay, North point, Empire, Interlochen, and a couple other even smaller ones! Most of the time we knock in TC the part that we have and then Interlochen, North Point is like WAY up there! It's beautiful though, like seriously so gorgeous here! I LOVE it!! It's probably even better in the summer!! The people make it all worth it too! They are just so great, everyone I meet they help me become even better! It's all about that improving each and every day!! :D 

And THIS: this is the first time she's said she's excited to come home....made my heart happy. I am so proud of her for doing her best and leaving it with no regrets...

I love hearing about all of my families week!! Oh my goodness I am so 
excited to see you all!!! :D :D :D Of course I am working hard and loving life but I am so excited to see 
my cute amazing family!!!!! <3 Can't wait to tell you all my adventures and hear all of yours!! 

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