Monday, February 29, 2016

18 months later.......

This will be Jen's final email of her mission. Its hard to believe we went from this:

To this.........LOVE YOU! Be safe! 

And then.......the MTC.....

And of course.......she'll never ever forget these people...

These girls will always be "her"sisters....

And now...she's the end and she couldn't be happier. We are so proud of her and so thankful for her.

Let it Go package....both my kids who have gone on missions have sort of had a movie that we love as a family as their "theme", my oldest son's was Star Wars and Jen's has been Frozen. I've sent her lots of Frozen themed things and pkgs, her blog is after a Frozen song and we've said little lines from the movie every week in our letters. This week's was Let it Go... and "Do you want to come back home now?" (tune of Do you want to build a snowman?" She said she liked it a lot but it made her cry too. It will be hard to leave these people and the mission life she's so loved. We are so happy she's had such a great mission and can't wait to see her next week!

Hello everyone!!!! :) Yep you read that right, this past week I hit my 18 month mark and I can tell you right now that it goes way faster then I ever would have thought! So first off.. Here are some highlights from the week!!! :) 
We totally had the Jehovah Witnesses "knock" into us this week! Yep they knocked on our door, we talked to them for a few minutes and then invited them to learn. :) That was a pretty neat expereince! 

The Jacobsens lesson went SO good. They had so many questions but I think they are doing really well! I know the will get baptized at some point. They are just such great people! Tim's lesson went pretty well this week too, we talked about agency and he accepted it pretty well! The spirit was really strong! 

Yesterday we got to sing Armies of Helaman in church, it brought back so many memories of singing in the MTC.. We are NOW the Lords missionaries. How blessed I have been to serve the Lord for 18 months. It truly has changed my life! The musical number went well and then one of the elders that came out with me spoke about Jesus Christ, the spirit was so strong and I loved it. I love Sundays, aren't they the best?! 

We had some great finding experiences this week.. yesterday we sang a Christmas song to a lady after talking with her for a bit! :) That was great! She was super cool! We also had a district meeting this week on being clean, it was awesome!! And when I say being clean I mean like keeping our apartment, car and everything else clean. Something even after 18 months I am still working on.. :) 

Well this is it!! I will be home next Wednesday and pretty much travelling to Lansing all day next Monday so I want to leave you all with some of the feelings and testimony that I have at this time. 
I know that Jesus Christ lives, I know that He is my Savior and that He truly will help and descend lower then anything that we have done to help us. I know He walked this earth and established His church, He called 12 apostles and did amazing things. I know the New Testament teaches of His life and helps us understand Him better. I know He is the only begotten of the Father. That Heavenly Father loves us perfectly and has a perfect plan for us, His plan is to help us be happy but I know also that we choose to follow, we choose to let Him in and we choose to be happy. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that is evidence that Christs church was lost but has been restored through a prophet of God, named Joseph Smith. I know he lived and that he truly did see the Father and the Son in the grove that spring day in 1820. I know he was called of God. I know all these things and truly have for my whole life, but my mission has been perfectly tailored to me. It has changed my life and my perspective about my brothers and sisters in the Lord. We truly are all brothers and sisters and we all need to strengthen and lift others. I know that we are all children of God and that He wants us to live with Him again and by our righteousness, our faith and the grace of our Savior Jesus Christ we will. 

I have been so blessed to serve a mission for my Lord and Savior. It has changed my life, and I know that truly they stood beside me the whole entire time. Thank you all for your prayers, your support, your love and the examples you have given to me. I am excited to see you all again soon!! 

Love Sister Jenica Chisholm! <3 
Michigan Lansing Mission 
We are FAMILY!! 
Alma 26.. my motto!! <3 
The gospel is true, I know it, I live it I LOVE it!!! 

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