Monday, October 26, 2015

Fall and Halloween in Michigan!!!

October 19" Enjoy the Success, Enjoy the Suffering"
Howdy to all my favorite people!! :) Well first off I love the name of my email.. haha sis steele and I think of like themes for our week and this week it was to enjoy the success and the suffereing! :) I have learned and continue to learn that truly we have the choice to enjoy the journey! The best way to do so is to lean on Jesus Christ and to increase our faith in Him. Another great way that I have learned to enjoy the journey is being grateful, some days it may be the smallest things.. like some mornings mine is being grateful that I have a banana to eat.. or a coat to wear! :) haha but those little things truly help us to enjoy the success as well as the suffering! We just have to choose to be grateful! :) That's such a huge life lesson to learn for sure! :) 

Well things are going great out here in Wyoming! :D We had trade offs this week with the Ludington sisters which was great! Sister Willis is such a sweetheart, she has such a desire to serve a mission and is growing a lot! :) I love trade offs. they teach me so much everytime!! :D We taught their investigator Robin which was awesome and also taught a less active that they just found again! It's always neat to teach less actives! I really love being able to see them feel the spirit again even after they haven't for so long! I feel like a lot of my missionary work when I get home will be filled with teaching less actives and also visiting teaching! :) Such a great work! I love it!! :D 

We had a great day at church yesterday! I have decided to ponderize on the scripture 1 Nephi 1:9 which is the first scripture in the Book of Mormon when Jesus Christ is testified of besides the intro and things! :) It is a great scripture about how truly Jesus Christ is the light. We shared it yesterday at our lunch and dinner appointments and the spirit again testified to me so strongly that Jesus is the Christ and that He is the light of the world. How blessed we are to have such a great example of light and love! It's incredible to me. I hope you all are ponderizing scriptures.. I am sure it's taking a crazy attack on social media, but truly it will help you have a higher plane of thinking and have a place where your thoughts can go when they need to be filled with the spirit! :) We had some great talks on keeping the commandments and a lade just decided to come to church!! That was such a tender mercy!! Hopefully we will get to start teaching her soon! she is kind of church shopping but after yesterday I think she has found her home!! :) 

Well I hope you all are doing well, man.. each week just tends to go faster and faster and my time as a full time missionary is moving so quickly but I do know that our missions go on for life! :) I am grateful for this unique opportunity I have to serve my Lord with everything I have! This work is real and it's the Lords work if it wasn't there is no possible way it would go forth like it does!! I love the book of Mormon I know it is true! Have a wonderful week!! 

Love Sister Chisholm! <3 
fall has arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D 

October 25 "Straighten up and Fly right!!!"
 Hey everyone!! So this theme for the week was awesome!!! Sis Steele and I had so many moments where we were able to go just go back to the basics and truly fly right!! It's also great because this weekend is Halloween!!! Wahoo!! :) So just like witches on their broomsticks we all must fly right each and everyday! haha 

First I will just say that time honestly is going so stinking fast and I wish more then anything that I could just pause time and just live for a few minutes... :O Anyone have any remedies for that?! :) haha I just am so grateful for this time I have to be a missionary! I know that I will still be a missionary when I get home and new adventures will be awaiting me but truly I just love Michigan and the people, the lessons and the spirit that I feel as I work among Heavenly Fathers children! 

We had some incredible experiences this week.. but mostly I am always just reminded that The Lord always has a plan even when things don't always go the way that would be best.. at least in our eyes!! haha here's a couple moments that we had this week that were like that! :) Yesterday.. we had stake conference which was amazing! I am always amazed by the tribulation and hardships the saints have but how they are still faithful enough to come and be together! :) I always think of the song come come ye saints, forevert a favorite! :) But anyways conference was great, we saw tons of missionaries and just had a great spiritual experience! We had a member ask us if we had a dinner and we did but then we found out our dinner was at 3.. so we decided when we got home to ask if we could take their family up on that offer! So he texts us back at 150 and says, we are eating right now! Can you come?! haha so then we wound up having 2 dinner/lunches in a row.. it was like thanksgiving! :O haha I have no idea how we were able to eat everything that we did... but in those moments we realized that Heavenly Father already knew that we were going to have 2 dinners back to back and that it was all going to work out! A huge spill, some apple cider, lots of laughs, lots of people talking forever and some great spiritual thoughts.. check out Moses 7:26-27.. incredible! :D We were able to walk away and realize again that the Lord loves each of us and He truly understands every situation we are in! 

Earlier in the week when we didn't have a car we were walking out of the library and this guy was going to the bus station so we of course stopped him, and just that day we had been talking and praying to be able to teach people! :) He let us teach him right there by the bus stop and we were able to share our testimonies with him! Then later we were able to teach another man and invite him to read form the Book of Mormon! Also another blessing from our Heavenly Father. He always knows what things are going to happen, he always knows what choice we are going to make and truly He is always just a prayer away!! :D 

I am so thankful for the miracles that the Lord consistently blesses us with. He truly asks that we have faith, because without faith nothing is possible! :) I know that the Book of Mormon is true, every time I read it a power comes into my heart, I feel at peace and I receive answers to my prayers, It truly is the word of God. I am grateful for the prophet Joseph Smith, he had so much faith and devotion and truly he was a prophet of God! I love this gospel, it's life changing each day as I knock on peoples doors I am inviting them to change their lives, to become clean again and to draw close to Jesus Christ! Keep bearing your testimony, keep choosing the right and honestly just keep praying even having that desire to believe is enough! :) 

Love you all!!!!!!! :D Take care of all my besties that are home or going home soon! They are amazing!! 

Love Sister Chisholm! <3 
I LOVE MICHIGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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