Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Ian's Baptism....leaves, and birds!

 This was a great week for Sister Chizzy as she was able to see someone she's taught and learned so much from also, be baptized and become a member of the church. This man will always have a very special place in all these cute missionaries hearts!

 So first off IAN got baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was so SO exciting oh my gosh.. I just can't even express in words how wonderful and happy I am about that! He is just amazing, it was so neat to see him in a white shirt, to make a covenant with our Father in Heaven and to receive the Holy Ghost. Oh my goodness, it was just amazing. Such an incredible day and truly like my title no effort is wasted. Heavenly Father knew that Ian needed us and He also so perfectly knew that Ian needed the elders. It has just been so amazing to witness his change and countenance become more light and bright. Seriously.. words do not even describe how much joy I feel. I can't explain it, I wish I could! :) haha I often feel like ammon in alma 26.. I will not boast in my own strength but in my Lord. How blessed I am to be able to proclaim the gospel to the world and to serve my Father in Heaven. Truly He just letting me be a part of His great work. 
I know that the prayers you and the whole family said for Ian were a lot of why he got baptized, it's incredible to me the power of prayer. Even though it's so simple and such a small thing He truly does always hear us and wants to know our desires, thoughts, intents and just want to listen and provide guidance and help when he can! We had a super good FHE on that last night, I shared Jacob 3:1 which I just found, it's a really good one! :)
 haha I got to put a bird on my shoulder this week at Sis Pawson's!! :) She is amazing mom.. I love her! Seriously like my mission mom out here! 
To answer your question about the leaves.. all I need to do is send you this picture.... :) :) BEST LEAVES and FALL EVER!!!!! 

 Life is so good!! So a little update on my life, I am still here in Wyoming Michigan.. LOVE it!! We are finding and finding and finding new investigators we actually are teaching this awesome guy Stephen we picked him up last night and had a super good lesson with him, he doesn't really believe in God and has read a lot about church and so he had a bunch of questions but it was neat because we all were able to talk and then able to listen and understand one another. It was great! :) I love lessons when we are all engaged and willing to listen and learn from one another. He asked us the question if we ever had questions about what we believe, and something I am so grateful for is that when we do have questions we are able to go to the source, we don't have to ask a pastor or talk to a random person but truly we are able to turn to the Lord. We are so blessed to be able to communciate with our Father in Heaven through prayer. 

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