Monday, November 9, 2015

Transfers arent scary! Miracles happen every day!

Cute Sister Chizzy had a great Halloween and is staying there in Wyoming area for another transfer.....she will have been there for 6 months, and is excited to stay for another transfer at least. She is happy as always and doing so well!

November 2
Hey everyone!!! :D 

SOOOO.. I am staying in WYOMING!!! Wahoo!! This will be my 5th transfer and honestly I am so SO happy to be staying here and with sister steele at that! :) Sometimes you have companions that are just great and you get along like best friends.. yep she is that companion! And I love LOVE this area, its crazy cuz when I served in my first area for 6 months I was just so done, but I feel like there is still so much that has to happen her in Wyoming still so I am grateful to be staying here! :) We are just going to rock it I know it!! 

So much happened this week and most of it goes back to my name of my email, so our mission motto is we are family and being unified as missionaries, with the wards and just as everyone, it's been such a great motto and it's been so much fun to be around so many incredible leaders and people that are such great examples to me! I am grateful for the church and the family that it is in our lives, truly we have a ward family and as part of Heavenly Fathers family we all are brothers or sisters! I just love the unity that comes from being a part of the gospel, we all are reaching out to serve and help others! 

This week we taught our investigator Jim and we started teaching him about Jesus Christ and when we started talking about the apostasy he was like, so what are your thoughts of the trinity? and that moment is always kind of interesting because everyone just loves the trinity.. so anyways I felt the spirit tell me to just be bold so I was. I said, we believe that they are 3 separate beings but one in purpose and he said, perfect explanation! It was so cool! He totally agreed with us and already knows that God is his Father in Heaven. I love how truth can always be bold and that truly truth will always stand, no matter what! The gospel is so true! :) 

Yesterday was my favorite day of the week, honestly Sundays are just incredible. We had a stake fast and we all fasted for people who know not God and who know not the gospel kind of off the scripture Alma 6:6. It was great. Our testimony meeting was amazing, we have a missionary from our ward leaving this week, he bore his testimony and then our ward mission leader actually got released this week.. That was quite the sad moment. Brother Chapman is AMAZING!!! He just got called to be in the bishopic, we are excited for him.. but honestly I had tears in my eyes as sister chapman bore her testimony about the gospel, and as they had him sit up on the stand. He has totally changed my view of correlation meetings and truly has helped me understand a lot about the  I am so thankful for the people that are here in this ward and this area, they have changed my life. I love this gospel so much! This week we were able to also help give service on Halloween, we raked leaves in the pouring rain!!! It was a blast, we were able to have two members helped us out and it was just great! I love serving others! :) 

Well everyone.. you all are probably sick of my super happy emails but as many times as I say it.. I love this gospel!!!! :D I know it is true, yesterday a lady in church said, I have known this gospel is true my whole life, and I can say the same! :) It may be tested daily and I may be sent to my knees over and over again about simple things but I do know this gospel is true!! :) I love it, it changes my life daily and I am so thankful for the enabling power of the Atonement, Jesus is the Christ the gospel was restored by the prophet Joseph Smith and families can be forever!! :D Keep smiling everyone, keep on pressing onward and just remember that a sister out in Michigan is praying and thinking about you!!! :) 

Love Sister Chisholm! <3 

November 9
To all my favorite people!! :D So I thought about writing about a whole day and all the amazing things that happened but I decided that is going to take way way too long!!! So I will just share some of my favorite moments from this week.. :) 

First off this quote.. " Who you are is determined by the decision you make right now!" Love it, enough said. If you are holding on to who you once were.. stop it. You can change right now and you can become the person that you want to be! As we turn to Jesus Christ we truly can have our hearts, desires and all things changed! This quote helps me out a lot! :) Also studying over the Christlike attributes in PMG!  

We got to walk a ton this week because we didn't have a car and each time we saw so many miracles. This one lady talked to us and then when the member came to pick us up she totally knew the member and was able to talk with her and invite her! :) So cool, missionary work for members is totally in right now! We also talked to this lady that was more then not interested and was twisting and turning our words but right afterwards a member pulled out with ice cream and said he had seen us and wanted to help us out so he bought us ice cream! so nice right?! :) Members.. they are the way this work is possible! 

Church was my favorite part of the week, it always is. I love being able to partake of the sacrament. It's my favorite part of the week! :) I studied about the spirit and miracles on sunday as well and it was amazing! I love that truly miracles are wrought by faith! Think about Jesus Christ and all the miracles that He was able to perform, we are so blessed because that power and authority is on the earth again! How grateful I am for the priesthood! :) 

Well everyone, I am just about out of time on email.. but I just want you all to know that The Lord lives. That Heavenly Father loves you and that even in those hard moments just remember that someone understands perfectly and that you are loved. Never forget to arm yourself with your shields, read and pray every single day! That will always fight away satan!! I love you all!! have a wonderful week!! 

Love Sister Chisholm! <3 

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