Monday, January 26, 2015

Life is too long to not enjoy EMBARK on it!!!

Cute Sister Chizzy has had a great few weeks! She got to go to the temple with two of her recent converts and was able to help them find family names to do there! She loved the Detroit temple and said even though it's small, its BEAUTIFUL! She got to teach the Activity Day girls at church and was so excited that they were all wearing a little if not ALL pink! We are so proud of her and how well she is doing. She admits there are hard things and that she is tired and sometimes a little discouraged when people won't listen to their message, but she says she loves her mission more than absolutely anything...except her family. (as a side note she said Lake Powell and Disneyland are right up there too, but nothing comes close to her mission!) we love that even though she's focused and so obedient, she is still her cute little self and is happy and doing great!

 Hey everyone! :D This week has been amazing! Okay I know I totally say that like every week, but really being a missionary is the best thing ever! I learn so much every single day! This week we had some really great experiences, we got to go to the Detroit Temple with our recent converts, Patti, which she got baptized in May and then Valerie who I was able to teach her and see her be baptized. I cannot explain to all of you how amazing it is to see a person that you taught, saw change, saw use the Atonement of Jesus Christ and become a member of His church walk into the temple of the Lord. It's a life changing experience, we were able to help her find some names on family search this week as well and she was able to be baptized for her great grandmother. Along with that a member of our ward, one of her best friends was able to be baptized for her father. It was incredible! I know that the temple is the house of the Lord and I know that this is Christ's church. I know that without a shadow of a doubt. 
We have been visiting families in our ward and sharing D&C 4 with all of them, and we have been challenging them to pick an attribute like patience, virtue, long suffering, charity or one of those and work on it and to become better disciples of Christ. I would invite each of you to do that as well, I know that we set a goal and work to achieve it we can. We actually were able to teach one of our investigators Penny about goals this week, we talked about Heavenly Fathers goal which is for each of us to receive eternal life. However, we must set goals to make it there. I know that with his help we can achieve all things. I know this gospel is true, I am so blessed to be part of the Lords army! Also.. If you haven't check out the youth theme song for this year.. Oh man, it's great! Hope you all have a fantastic week! Here's a quote for you all..  " Love is the very essence of the gospel, and Jesus Christ is our exampler!" :) 
Love Sister Chisholm <3 

Yes I do love quotes.. :) So there is one that is totally awesome! I mean really, life is too long to not love every second of it! Anyways, this week has been great! :D We have been working hard and this week some of that hard work has been seen! 

We picked up a new investigator named Stephanie that is just stellar! Out here in MIdland, people won't really listen unless they really actually have a reason to and she totally did! She said that she has been looking for a church, we got that, she said that we could come back, did that, and she also said that she wants a friends with good standards... Check! :D Seriously this girl is awesome! She has a son that has autsim and he is seriously the cutest little guy, well besides Eisley ever! :D We taught her the Restoration and she said that what we taught answered so many of her questions, she didn't think that God would stop giving us revelation and so she loved the idea that we continue to receive revelation. the spirit was so strong, and she felt it. I am thankful for that opportunity I had to be there to be an instrument in that lesson! 

Another really cool experience that happened this week was with our less actives! We wound up having dinner with a member with one, and she said that she plans on coming back to church! Awesome right?! She also is going to school to be a dental assistant and is convinced that I will also become one.. Dad you definitely have trained me enough! :D haha but then we also found a less active that fell away right after she joined in March! She let us in and let us pray with her and she wound up telling us everything that has happened. Listening is such a great skill, I have come to really understand what it means to listen with real intent that is for sure! :D We also taught a couple recent convert lessons and they all went great! I would recommend the movie finding faith in Christ if you haven't seen it. It's great! :D 

Yesterday we had our ward conference and it again taught me how important it is to press forward with a steadfastness in Christ. Our theme for this year is 2 Nephi 31:20 and I know that as we do so with with a firm Hope we will be able to make it through anything that comes our way! I know that Jesus is the Christ. He is my Savior, my Redeemer and my friend. I know this is his Church on the earth today. This gospel is true! 
Have a wonderful week and don't forget.. 
"Living the gospel is easy, not living the gospel is hard! "
-Elder Bednar! 
Love Sister Chisholm! <3 
Also.. For all of you that don't know.. I may have a small love for Frozen... It took all of my energy to not buy this!!! :D 

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