Monday, January 12, 2015

I am Proud to Be a Missionary........

Hey everyone! :D We had such a great week out here in Midland, it involved, setting an investigator on date, door knocking in the 10 degree weather plus wind chill so like -10, transfer calls,finding out we can go to the temple... :) and  and singing songs about how we are proud to be missionaries! :D It was definitely a great week! We are seeing so many miracles here in Midland, even if they are little things like being let into someones home or having the chance to share our testimonies! Here's a couple stories from this week, 
We went to contact a referral we received last wee and so we knocked on their door and they let us right in! We had a little mini lesson with them because they were having dinner, and we established our purposes as missionaries and found out what they wanted out of us. They are looking for a church and they seemed so sincere! We are going back this week on Thursday to meet with them again. It was such a tender mercy, we are really having a hard time keeping investigators and so it was great to see their real intent. We are praying that it all goes through! :D 

Our investigator Jason is now on date to be baptized, he is so amazing! he actually lives in Detroit, so he won't be joining the ward here in Midland, but I know that the people out in Detroit need his spirit. I mean he is one of those guys that you just are like, wow.. You are prepared! On Monday when we had his lesson Sis Lau and I had been praying about a date and we felt good about August 15, and yes that is super far away but, trust me it's all what has to happen! He is married to a catholic woman, and she is pregnant and yeah it's just crazy stuff, but we felt good about August 15 and so we were teaching him and talking about how we need to set a goal and so Brother Jones showed him a calender and he was like August 15 sounds good! The spirit is real. It helps us make decisions! I know that to be true! 

So on Saturdays in our mission we can't drive our cars, that's always an adventure! So we were out door knocking, we had an appointment fall through so we went to our backups which was to knock this pretty busy street! So we start knocking it, and we meet this guy. He totally bashed the Book of Mormon, he said it isn't true and that it is from a demon.. :O It was terrible, but instead of bashing back sister lau and I both testified that we knew it to be true, and that the bible and Book of Mormon testify of one another. He shut the door speechless, don't ever dis the Book of Mormon to missionaries, they always will win! :D This is the same day we made up our song about being proud to be missionaries! We were getting quite a bit of rejection that day so everytime we had the door shut on us we just started singing we are proud to be a missionary and we know this gospel is true! We won't forget the saints who died and proclaimed is truth to, so will gladly stand up in front of you and share his word to you cuz their ain't no doubt I love this work We are god's army!! :) haha That was pretty rocky, but it's true! :D 

We got some amazing news this week! Our mission is going to be able to go to the temple every 6 months, and we can go with recent converts if we help them get names! :) This is such a blessing because before we could only go at the very end of our missions! I cannot wait to attend the temple this week with my recent convert Valerie! I know that the temple is the closest place that we can be to God. If you can, go to the temple every week! It's the best place in the world! :D 
 I hope you all have a wonderful week! Keep smiling, reading the Book of Mormon and praying! Read Moroni 10 if you can.. Find all the times Moroni exhorts us to do something... Mind =blown!! :D 
Love Sister Chisholm! <3 

For New Year's Eve the missionaries went to a members house where they got to have breakfast for dinner (one of Jen's favorite things) and then set off Chinese or "Tangled" lanterns! She loved it!

 Ice skating on P-day!

 I had a pizza delivered to my favorite missionary companionship! I even had them write "love mom" on the box....little did I know that the night it was delivered was a huge snow storm so they were stranded in their apartment.....lucky for them!!!!! The perks of having a missionary in the States!!!

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