Monday, December 1, 2014

TRAINING and a small flood!

Sister Chizzy had another great week! She has been called to be a trainer! She will get her "brand spankin' new baby" as she calls her on Thursday. She says she feel a little overwhelmed but excited to be a trainer and is happy her mission president feels that she is ready! She had a great Thanksgiving with some new members and said she even made the green bean casserole! She is doing great!

Hey everyone! :) What a week!! So yes from my title, I am training a brand new missionary straight from the MTC! #what?!??!! I am the new missionary aren't I? It's going to be quite the adventure that is for sure. I am so very thankful that I am not alone on this because there is no possible way I could do this without my Savior Jesus Christ. Oh and cool thing as well, my second trainer Sister Smith, she is actually going home on the 31 and she totally gets to stay here in Midland with us!! :) We are actually going to be training this new Sister together until she leaves then I will finish off her training, that will be so great! We have so much fun and work hard. Sister Smith is incredible. 
On Monday we got to teach a less active that just moved back from college about scripture study and it went really well. She also gave us hot chocolate which was super nice because that night there were 40 mile per hour winds. Oh Michigan and it's crazy weather. Her lesson went really well and she taught me a lot about having my own testimony. It's so important to have our own testimonies because if we don't then we don't be able to help others understand the gospel. In preach my gospel it even says you can't convert anyone past your own conversion. I have seen that happen here as a missionary for sure. 
Wednesday we had a great lesson with our investigator Jason, oh my goodness he is amazing. I mean like gold. He has read all of the book of Mormon and is already reading D&C, he retains everything and it's amazing to see his progression. He walked into the chapel and sat down and I asked him how he felt and he looked at sis smith and I and said, it feels right. The feeling is different in here than any other church. this is right. It was an incredible experience the spirit was so strong. 
Thursday was well great! I mean it was thanksgiving and we were able to have it at our recent converts house! :) It was super delicous we were able to help make some of dinner as well! We also went door knocking even on thanksgiving and the best part, out of the two doors that answered, neither of them slammed the door in our face!! Janice the first lady talked to us for like 15 minutes, she wasn't too interested but she did ask some questions and was really nice to us and then the next guy he answered he said he might come to the nativity exhibit that our ward is putting on this weekend so that was good! After dinner and everything we came home to our apartment... Which was soaking wet!! Definitely what we wanted but the greatest part is that we just laughed. It was super funny, we couldn't even believe it! So yes we had a flood, it was from like a broken pipe or something. They finally fixed it today. But the moral of this story is that We can be grateful in any circumstance, even when we have floods, always look at your situations and be grateful. They may not be exactly what you want but they will always work out. In President Uchdorfs talks grateful in any circumstances he says, "life is not about endings its about spiritual beginnings" I want to add my testimony to his, life is meant to be enjoyed. We are here to learn and to grow and sometimes we have to go through hard times to test our patience and reliance on the Lord. I know that as we trust in our Heavenly Father things always work out. 
I hope you all have a wonderful week! Keep praying and doing the small and simple things! 
Love Sister Chisholm! <3 

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