Monday, January 4, 2016

White Wonderland New Year!

Hello from the white wonderland of Traverse City Michigan!!!!! :D Here are a couple great things about the snow.. It's Beautiful!!!!! :D It's fun to take pictures in!!! People let us in because it's cold outside!!! And of course it's just so fun to have snow and to walk in it! haha I hope that wherever you are you get to enjoy the snow and look for the positive in it! On that note we rang in the New Year of 2016.... (holy cow where did 2015 go?!) With a ton of snow, with some fun members and missionaries and with sparkling cider! :) I am so grateful for the members here in Traverse City that help us to feel at home even when we are thousands of miles away! 2016 is going to be the best year ever and I know that if we decided to make it great it will be! :) So choose to make 2016 great, do all the things that the spirit tells you to do and be the best you can do! I know that we each can achieve greatness!! :) 

This week we had so many amazing things happen, honestly I just am learning or relearning if you will how simple the gospel is, and how truly we are called to represent Jesus Christ! On Wednesday we were able to have a great district meeting on setting goals (fitting right?) And it was amazing, defintiely one of the most spiritual district meetings I have been too and it helped me desire and want to do better! So Sis Jackson and I have been praying extra hard this week, working extra hard and of course being super obedient. The Lord is showing us that He trusts us and I am grateful for that! That night when we were having studies we decided to do training and comp study at the church so we practice taught a church tour and we practice found as well, but at one point while we were practice finding the elders and the assistants came in because they were on trade offs! So they decided to help us a bit with our finding which was fun, it's crazy to me how differently sisters and elders teach and find! We all do it right but it's just so different! Anyways one of the elders was talking about making finding more edifying and was teasing us about our finding and he was like if you need to just read a recite a scripture before every day and it will be better. Needless to say he was inspired because the next day sis jackson and I decided to take his idea and make it our own! :) We decided to read a scripture from the Book of Mormon before each door and then talk about that scripture with the person that we meet!! It's been amazing to see how much more edifying door knocking has been and how the spirit will guide us to say exactly what Heavenly Fathers children need! I am so thankful for the Book of Mormon and I know that truly it is the word of God! :D 

We had some great success as we have been reading from the Book of Mormon before each door and I know that the prophets are standing beside us and we testify of their words! I know that as we share what we know with our friends and share our testimonies with others we are blessed and the spirit will touch lives and hearts! :) Let's make 2016 a year of sharing, a year of serving and a year of change! I know that Jesus Christ lives and that the Atonement can cleanse all, no matter what we have done, no matter how far we think we have strayed no matter how many mistakes we have made I know that it all can be made clean by Jesus Christ. Repentance is not a bad thing, it is a great thing. It is the way that we can have pure joy! I am so grateful for repentance I am so grateful for the sacrament and I am so grateful to be a missionary and watch others understand and start to love the gospel as much as I do!!! 

I love you all!! Have a great week!!!! :D Make it the best!! 
Love Sister Chisholm! 

 Snow has arrived! I love this picture right by the Lake!
 Sweet, snowy girls!
 She got a little Arise and Shine Forth necklace from her brothers for Christmas, so she took a pic on a sunny day! Cute!
 Cute missionaries on New Years Eve. She said they rang in the New Year at exactly 9:35 so they could be home and in bed by 10:30. Gotta love these obedient missionaries!

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