Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Let us Add to the Flame...

 Sister Steele has been an AWESOME companion! They will miss each other!
 A very cute district!
 Saying goodbye to some favorite families isn't easy!
 Transfer breakfast at IHOP!
 Meeting up with old companions (Sis Guest) is always fun!
 Good friends, great missionaries!

 The Transfer Van!

 Sis Pawson....like a mom to these girls there in Wyoming!
 A lady posted on FB that the sisters challenged their family to do more service, so she made this... I love that our daughter is helping others come unto Christ through service!
The Chapmans...these people have been angels to my girl while she's been in their area...we are so grateful to them! She will always hold a special place in her heart for her "family" there!

Hello everyone!! :) so my theme this week comes from the song Arise and Shine Forth from the forgotten carols if you have never heard it go look it up!! :) It's on of my very favorites, the words say.. "Arise and shine forth, let us add to the flame that burns brightly with hearts that bear His name!" I am so grateful to be a missionary at this time, especially at this wonderful Christmas time, there is no where I would rather be! :D

I had a great last week in Wyoming!!!! It was just great!! We had some awesome lessons, including the Word of Wisdom some great facebook lessons, a sweet restoration lesson with a lady going into the library, some powerful Christmas lessons and lots of facebook lessons with other sisters! We worked hard and saw so many miracles, the Lord is always providing ways for His work to move forward even when so much is going on! :D I have loved serving in Wyoming and honestly am going to miss it so much, but I am so SO excited for the new adventure that lies ahead... I know you all are dying to know!! haha

So I got my transfer call and President Jacobsen released me as an STL and at first of course I was sad because I have absolutely loved being a sister training leader, I learned so much and was so grateful for that opportunity to work with so many sisters! :D But Then he said, so we have an apartment that we have opened up in Traverse City!!! and we want you to head up there and train a new sister!!! :D Oh man I am seriously way excited!!!! I will be picking up my new greenie on Thursday and then heading on up to TC! It should be great, there haven't ever been sisters there or at least for a really long time, so it should be great to just start fresh and new! It will be such a great experience! I know the Lord knows us perfectly and He just knew that Traverse City would be perfect for me and my trainee!! That was the most exciting news this week and man the rest of the week was filled with saying goodbye to my favorite people and again seeing so many miracles! :D The Lord truly loves us so much. I just can't even explain it, if there's something I will walk away with from my mission is truly how much the Lord loves us so perfectly!! :D He loves us enough to send His son to die for us and He loves us enough to let us grow and become more like Him. The gospel is true, and what a wonderful time of year to be spreading that wonderful joy to others!!

So here's a funny story for you all, it may help you get excited to go and serve others! :)There was a member in our ward that was moving this past weekend so we decided to go and door bell ditch them and give them some candy canes and a note, but this family lives with some non members right now that are like body builders! So we go and take these candy canes and this note up to the door and Sister Steele and I are just freaking out, cuz well it's scary to knock and run! haha :) As we are hiding behind the car afterwards they answer the door and of course it the body builders that answer.. So they answer the door and then he sees the candy canes and note, picks it up and walks inside, so we keep waiting and then he opens the door again and starts walking out towards the car we are hiding behind! Sis Steele and I were freaking out!!! So finally he goes back inside and then HIS fiancé comes out and starts looking for us too! Man.. it was the most terrifying door bell ditch of my life!! Oh my gosh... but we didn't get caught and all worked out! It definitely  was from the prayers we were saying! haha :)

On a spiritual side of things, yesterday we had an incredible day at church! :) Sacrament meeting was extremely powerful, all the talks were on Christ and building our foundation. One of the sisters shared the story of being centered on Christ and how when we aren't centered we will falter, I believe it was from this past conference, the one about the potter and clay! :D Elder Clark also spoke and it was just great! I loved it, we had a pretty intense second hour on family history... sometimes those lessons get a little out of hand but I think it all went over our investigators head so it was okay! :) Then we got to teach the laurels this week which was great!! We taught about building the kingdom of God! I loved it! :) We shared D&C 4 and then shared a story from conference and showed the Arise and Shine Forth song to everyone, the spirit was so strong and it made me miss young womens, I learned so much from young womens! :)

Well everyone, life is good! I hope you are all getting excited for Christmas and singing lots of Christmas songs!! :D Here is my address for the next 2 transfers!! I hope you have a wonderful week and that you continue to keep Christ the center of it. I love this gospel and I know it is true with all my heart and soul!! <3

Love Sister Chisholm <3

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