Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Having an attitude of Gratitude and Forever consists of NOWS!!

 After a VERY long day of door knocking and finding, two cute sister missionaries just took a seat on the street and chilled for a bit. I think their boots are so cute and their smiles, even cuter!

 Happy companionship! It makes all the difference in the world when you get along!

Thanksgiving waffle breakfast at the Stk President's house!

 Hello all my dear friends!! :D What a wonderful week, it was such a blessing and honestly I am just so grateful that I have had 2 thanksgivings on my mission! They are always such an adventure that I just love them! We were stuffed.. after 3 meals and pies and all that jazz, but we also were able to have some great spiritual experiences that day which made for an amazing thanksgiving! I hope that t you all were able to be with the people you love most and that you were happy! :D 

Today I wanted to talk about something that I truly am so so grateful for and something that my testimony has truly deepened in while I have been here in Michigan! :) That is the Sabbath Day! So as many of you know the leaders of the church have really been emphasizing the Sabbath day and how to keep it holy and why. Well I just want to bear my testimony about the Sabbath Day, truly it's the day that we are able to be rejuvenated and strengthened from the crazy world all around us! :) Yesterday we had our 3 hour all about the Sabbath day, and they showed us these videos of some of the quorum of the 12 and then some of the other auxiliary leaders talking about the Sabbath day, I hope you all have been able to see them as well. They are so inspiration and I just loved them. A couple things really stuck out to me and I wanted to share them with you today! :) This story I think the primary general president shared, she said, A women was asked to clean the temple, and after the first time she was a bit discouraged because she felt her 2 hours of cleaning were going to waste because afterwards her rag was still completely clean, no dirt or stains or anything was wrong with the rag. When she talked to her the women over her at the temple she taught her an important lesson, when the women asked, "Whey do we clean the temple when it's already clean?" The women answered by saying, " We clean the temple to keep it clean." They then applied this to the sacrament. Not every week do we commit a very intense sin or need to repent of a serious trangression but no matter what we all need the sacrament! We need it so that we can continue to stay "unspotted from the world" We all are in need of that incredible power and refining that can and will come as we partake of the sacrament. Each Sunday we are commanded to give the day to the Lord and as we keep it holy, as we participate in good wholesome activies and as we show our sign to the Lord we will be blessed with an out pouring of His spirit. I know this is true because of the way the sabbath day has affected my life and many others lives that have been able to attend! :) 

I am so grateful for the restoration for the gospel of Jesus Christ and for the authority of God on the earth today! :) I know that the priesthood was restored to the prophet Joseph Smith, and I do know that He is a prophet of God! The world every day tells me that he wasn't, but that is more and more evidence to me that he is and that truly this is Christs church on the earth! :) My mission has tested my testimony and that has been what has helped me to find it! :D I know that gospel is true! I love being a missionary and I know that as we keep the Sabbath day holy and as we rely on the spirit to make right choices and follow the prophet we truly will receive more joy and happiness then any other way!! :D 

Have a wonderful week!! I hope that it's full of Christmas spirit and don't forget to check out A Savior is Born!!! :D #asaviorisborn 
Love you all!! 

Sister Chisholm! <3 
 Since the flood, the Sisters have been living with an incredibly sweet couple, and Sister Chizzy has grown quite fond of their puppy, Charlie! Cute!

 Getting ready for Christmas package! Advent scripture stocking garland, nativity, tree, decorations and of course...OREOS!!!
 Getting into the Christmas spirit!!!

 The Michigan Lansing Mission Leadershhip
Sister Training Leaders
So, this is nice.....Jen thought she accidentally dropped her letter she was sending home into the garbage....so she, (of course) jumped in the dumpster to get it......"don't worry mom, I washed my hands...." funny girlie!!!!

 Hello to some of my favorite people!! :) First off.. Merry Christmas!!!!! Okay, yes I know it's only the 7 but this month it's all about our Saviors Birth  and truly it's the most wonderful time of the year!! I hope you all are getting in the Christmas spirit and today I want to tell you about some of the ways that we are getting in the Christmas spirit out here in Michigan!!! :D Just remember, that forever consists of nows, the most incredible things that we will remember of this Christmas time is the things we do with those we love! :) 
1. Serve someone!!!!! :D This week we will be coming up with the 12 days of Christmas so I challenge you all to give a small act of service everyday! Just tell someone you love them, share a song with someone, give someone a hug, smile at someone, yes even smiling is an act of service! Our Savior Jesus Christ served His entire life, as we serve others we are able to feel the Christmas spirit and accomplish our baptismal covenant by comforting those that stand in need of comfort and mourning with those who mourn! This past week I tried to recognize more fully when people served me and how often I also served them. It was such a great introspection! 
2. Sing Christmas Carols!!! :) On Tuesday during correlation the spirit prompted us to go caroling! So we decided that every Friday in December we are going to go caroling with members, to their friends, to less actives, to investigators, ect. and let me just tell you one of the best ways to get in the Christmas spirit to go sing to people!!! :) I had tears in my eyes as people opened their doors to us singing Joy to the World, handing them some cookies and honestly seeing the biggest smiles I have seen on a door step! :) We went with the Oliver family and their oldest daughter was probably like how I was when I was her age and probably how my brothers would be if they went caroling.. haha she was standing in the back, not singing, didn't want to hold the cookies, and honestly would have rather been anywhere but singing with her family and the missionaries. As we started to sing and hand out cookies though she started to get happier, after a couple laughs and making her smile by the end she was handing the cookies to the people on the doors and singing the loudest! :) It was so neat to watch her feel the Christmas spirit, makes me think of Scrooge, don't be a scrooge this Christmas!! Go and sing some Christmas carols, and I know you will feel the spirit! :) 
3. The last one is more on the spiritual side. Take a moment, pick up the piece in the nativity of Jesus Christ and just look at it. Look at the beautiful tender baby that came to change the world. Just think about that one moment. Think about Christ, think of how much He has done for you, and the love that He shares with you every single day. Don't worry about all the things that were to come, don't think about all the presents you have to wrap take a moment and just feel the peace of the season. Read over luke 2, or Helaman 14, and smile. Take a moment to be at peace. I know that doing this has helped me get into the Christmas spirit. Jesus Christ is the reason for this season. Let Him into you hearts and into your minds, for this time and for all the year! 

I hope these things help you guys get in the Christmas spirit! :) I love this gospel, and there is no where that I would rather be then here in Wyoming Michigan sharing this glad news that Christ was born to all the people around me! I am so grateful to bear His name and to be His representative for now and for ever!! :D 

Love Sister Chisholm! <3
Christmas caroling with the Olivers!! 

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