Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Search. Ponder. Remember....and moving big stuff is GOOD!

 Should I tell her that looks suspiciously like her rival high school's hoodie??? Hahahaha.
 Happiness is conference Ensign's!
Apparently, they like to make notebooks in Sister Chizzy's mission....she made a Star Wars one...may the Force be with you Sister!!!

Hey everyone! I hope that all of your weeks have been as great as mine! :) Here's some of the highlights! 
We had a really great FHE with Sister Skog this week, she actually taught us and she went over the B's by President Hinckley. If you don't know all those here's one for us all to work on, "Be Faithful." That's what she talked with us about and I started to understand even more fully how important it really is for us to be faithful to the name that we bare and also to be faithful to what we know to be true. Make sure you all are having family home evening, it's an amazing tool in bringing families even closer together. Also did you know that families are ordained of God and that they are central to His plan? Don't forget that! :) 
We had a really incredible couple lessons with our investigator,  that is actually being baptized THIS Saturday, we are really excited for her to make this covenant with God. She has shown to me how much the Atonement of Jesus Christ really changes lives. In just this short 2 months I have been teaching her I have seen her countenance change and also her hope for a better day. The gospel is true, it is here today and it can and will change lives. All he asks is that we follow him. 
We had stake conference this weekend and it was all about hastening the work. I hope that you all are doing your best as members to help hasten the work. The gospel of Jesus Christ is being spread by missionaries across the world but along with that it is being spread even more from the members of the Chruch. Invite your friends and families to learn more about the gospel. It may be scary but Heavenly Father promises us blessings. I have seen it in my own life, it's scary to open your mouth and talk to someone but by doing so we are able to understand our own testimonies more fully and also come closer to our savior. I hope you all have a wonderful week! Here's a scripture that I just love, it's 2 Nephi 4:16, make sure that you hope for things to come and have faith that it will all work out! 

On Wednesday my companion got sick.. :( It's been going around here like non other, everyone is sick., Don't worry I am getting my flu shot hopefully today, and I haven't gotten sick yet. Yay for Vitamin C! You taught me well! So anyways she was not feeling good at all, and we also got our bikes that day so I was pretty nervous we weren't going to get like anything done because she wasn't feeling good, it was cold outside and we were going to have to bike. So we decided to try and find a ride to our appointment with our recent convert. So after calling like 3 people I said, what if you call someone maybe they will be able to come. So she calls one person, Tilah and Tilah is all yep I will be right there. It was a total miracle. So then we get over to our recent converts house and she is just getting over sick and my comp is  coughing and she did not feel good at all and she really needed our help moving her stuff around, so guess what I did? I just started moving stuff for her. I started moving the couch to the over side and moving the big dressers and doing everything that neither of them could do. A couple minutes in, I started thinking about being at home and how many times we hauled up those giant buckets from the basement for Halloween and Christmas and I was very thankful that you made us work. It showed me that hard work is important and that as we work hard we gain muscle and strength. So this is a totally weird story but while sitting here I just thought about the gospel in this way. As we read each day, pray always and as we attend the temple and partake of the sacrament we are building spiritual strength and muscle. As we exercise our faith we come closer to our Heavenly Father and we are able to do things more fully and then we can step back and see that what we have learned and what we are continually learning is helping us in the long run. 
Anyways that was my little story. I am loving it here in Midland, my companion is so awesome, we are working hard and trying to figure out the formula to go tracting or finding because it is hard. The key is to use scriptures and bring up restored truths but it's still hard work! 
Love Sister Chisholm <3 

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