Monday, August 31, 2015

A year down, 6 months to go, and it keeps getting better!

Our cute girl has been on her mission for a year. Hard to believe a whole year has gone by and I haven't hugged her once!! We sure miss her.....but looking back on her pictures, her letters, her experiences and seeing how much she's grown is incredible. She has truly become more converted, more compassionate and empathetic, more grateful, more tolerant and less judgmental and is exactly where she should be at this time in her life. She told me today....

We met some super cool people, we met some CRAZY people.. oh man.. this one lady totally like told us we were completely deceived and that we are of the devil.. but she kept 
saying I am only telling you this because I am a Christian.. it was something else.. I bore my testimony so strong that I was shaking, I had tears in my eyes, and man.. I felt like
every emotion ever! that was interesting! I was... haha man.. I couldn't handle it! It was weird I didn't really "confound her" If you could say that, but she didn't say that she loved us either though.. which was okay. haha 
I don't like it when people interrupt me either and she totally did! :O but after I bore my testimony of truth we told her that we were going to leave and that it was nice to meet her. 
haha but then on saturday we met these people that had been "taught" about us that day in church.. haha they said that we don't believe in Jesus and all this stuff and as soon as we
talked about the God head and showed it with the scriptures they stopped talking about it. That was a really cool moment! They were very different, I felt like with them there wasn't 
as much contention I felt like the first lady just completely hated us.. it was so weird! Those moments are so crazy! But I know why I'm here and I WILL defend my Savior!

That is what it's all about, and we are so proud of her, even though we miss her! Here are some pics of her MTC day...we love and miss you, but are so proud of her!

August 31

Hey everyone!! :) 
I am just about out of time today, but I had a great week! The work is hastening, I love missionary work!!! :D So craziness.. I hit my year mark on my mission this past week and after a little bit of reminiscing about the MTC, my crazy year as a missionary that I have had and everything I have learned one of the greatest things I have learned is the principle of remembering!! :) We have so many awesome opportunities to grow each and everyday but if we experience something great and then we forget about it, then it was almost not even worth it to have the experience. In Helaman 5:12 we learn...    And now, my sons, remember, remember that it isupon the rock of our Redeemer, who is Christ, the Son ofGod, that ye must build your foundationthat when thedevil shall send forth his mighty winds, yea, his shafts inthe whirlwind, yea, when all his hail and his mighty stormshall beat upon you, it shall have no power over you todrag you down to the gulf of misery and endless wo,because of the rock upon which ye are built, which is asure foundation, foundation whereon if men build they cannot fall. 
But one of my favorite parts of that scripture is when it says to remember!! 
We must always remember tender moments with the spirit, we must remember moments that we are close to our Father in Heaven. They will help us become more defined and strong. This week as we went about working hard, I was reminded of all the tender mercies the Lord has given to me and how much He truly loves me. We had a great lesson with our investigator Ian, us and the elders and a couple members were there because we are handing him over to them soon. We had a mini testimony meeting and the spirit was so strong. I was grateful to be reminded of some of those moments that have helped me learn and grow. We really never know what kind of help we can do as we share our testimonies and as we remember how we felt! 

We also had a really neat experience when we met a guy named Lucas this week, he shared his testimony with us about how He came unto Christ. It reminded me a lot about how we all have our own individual journey to Christ and that we must always strive to help others in theirs.
The gospel is true! I love my mission, I know that the effort I am performing is not wasted and that truly the Lord is in control of all things! :) 
Keep smiling, keep remembering.. keep being awesome!! :) 

 Trade off's with one of her favorite sister missionaries!
 Dinner at a members is one of her favorite things!
 Sister Chizzy celebrated her year mark this week! She made pancakes (with a candle)  and a yummy smoothie to party it up!!! She is so cute!

Today as she was emailing us, she said it was so foggy....yeah, I'll say! She says Michigan weather is funny sometimes!

Love Sister Chisholm! 

August 24
Hey everyone!! :)
Yesterday in relief society we were talking about elder bednars talk from general conference and our teacher asked this question , "What matters most?" 
As soon as he said those words two things came into my head. I want to center my email on those things today, and then invite all of you to pay attention to those things in your lives that matter most to you! :) 

The very first word that came into my mind was..
Family! Without even thinking about it that was the very first thing that came into my mind. So then I asked myself why. There are so many reasons why I love my family, they truly are my angels here on earth. They are my examples and they truly stand by me in everything I may be going through. I have received a deeper love for them as I have been away from them for about a year. I am so SO grateful for my family, I am grateful for their devotion to follow the commandments and to be the best they can be. I am thankful for their testimonies and their love. Most importantly I am grateful for their love of the gospel. Their testimonies have helped me get to where I am today, and I am so grateful for the gospel and the truth it brings that families can be forever. :) I am grateful that my family has been such a great model of the future family I want to have. I am excited for that! :D

The next thing that came into my mind was my testimony. 
This morning as I studied I decided to look up what testimony means, in the dictionary it says, a declaration or affirmation of fact or truth. Evidence in support of a fact or assertion, proof. A public declaration regarding a religious experience. Then I read over bearing testimony in preach my gospel is says a spiritual witness and assurance given by the Holy Ghost. One of my favorite songs is called "Witness" It's from a play about Joseph Smith, this is part of the song, it's about the 3 witnesses of the Book of Mormon. I love this..  
"I know what I have felt. I cannot deny my heart. Though memories melt this burning will never part. The voice of the spirit or a witness more vivant than sigh that if we are faithful we will live with our Lord Jesus Christ. I bear record it's true, I know what I have felt." 
My testimony means the world to me. I know things of myself because I have studied, prayed and pondered on many things. I know that Jesus is The Christ. I know that My Father in Heaven loves me, that he loves each of us perfectly, many things draw from this one fact. He loves us so he lets us have trials so that we can become more like Him. I know that Joseph Smith truly did see Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and that the priesthood keys were restored through him! The gospel is true! :) I know it for myself.

My family and my testimony mean the most to me! :) What means the most to you?!?! I love this work!!! Have a wonderful week! 
Love Sister Chisholm! <3 

Our last day on bikes.. for a couple weeks!! :) 

 Senior missionaries are the BEST!
 A sweet lady she is teaching, Vanessa.
One of Jen's favorite families' back home sent her this package....they are AWESOME! Thank you Christensen's!

 Apparently a member she visits has a full on throne at their house....Sis Chizzy was happy to be queen for a minute!!
Sister Chizzy and one of her favorite investigators, Johnathon.

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